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    I need to test a desktop windows based application which is developed using .net 4.0, Telerik RadControls for WinForms 2010 Q3, Infragistics Controls for Winforms. I need to perform regression tests for this application.


    1. I work on one domain say X but my applications works on another domain say Y so what I do to run my application on X domain I use run as and give the Y domain's credential and open my application test. My problem here, to record actions in TestStudio I need to give the .exe path and perform some actions. Actually to run my application I have to give Y domain's credentials using run as but when run the actions it tries to open the applcaition directly. Here it fails to open the application itself.

    2. To avoid above problem, I tried to work from Y domain itself but here one more problem. 

            Here there are sequnce of actions:
                    i. Open the application
                    ii. Click on tree node to open folder which is much similar to Windows Explorer (I think this is developed using Infragistics Controls)
                    iii. Open a Time series chart from that folder (Which is developed using RadControls)

    After stoping the recording and run the actions, here I have one real problem. It just opens the application but doen't perform any other actions.

    Please give some solutions to resolve these issues,


  2. Cody
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    Posted 22 Feb 2012 Link to this post

    Hello Sri,

    My first concern is you meaning "WinForms" multiple times. Test Studio does not support testing pure WinForms applications, only WPF based applications. If your recording appears to be working just fine then maybe it really is a WPF based application and not WinForms. When you manually run your application, does it appear in the list of Active WPF Applications as shown in this screen shot?

    The other technical problem is that Test Studio needs to be able to directly launch the application in order for us to inject our test automation hooks into the application. Currently we don't have the ability to "Run as a different user" in order to execute the application with impersonation as another user in another domain.

    The only work around I can think of for today is to execute the test once when logged in as user A then run it again when logged in as user B on a different domain.

    I have created a feature request for "Run as different user" option which you can track here.\

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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