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    Due to some specific reasons, we have to generate a lot of Div tags with same id and class in a table or UL LI . I need help in writing code to find all the occurences of these div elements inside a parent table or UL LI ( parent table ID is known).

    Find.ById pattern i guess simply returns me the first occurrence of the div , How can I get the collection of all such elements, traverse through them and verify the inner text of the div elements.

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    Hello Ashok,

    Given the following HTML:

    <table id="table1">
    <div id="div1">
    <p>Entry 1</p>
    <div id="div1">
    <p>Entry 2</p>
    <div id="div1">
    <p>Entry 3</p>

    Here is how to find each <div> based on the parent <table> and verify the InnerText of each:

    HtmlTable table = Find.ById<HtmlTable>("table1");
    IList<HtmlDiv> list = table.Find.AllByExpression<HtmlDiv>("tagname=div", "id=div1");
    foreach (HtmlDiv d in list)
        Assert.IsTrue(d.InnerText.Contains("Entry"), "Assert failed!");

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