Log file doesn’t provide enough information for us.

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     Query No 01:- Log file doesn’t provide enough information for us.

     Scenario:-  I am passing some values through web service as a request and taking a response (output) through web service according to my insert(request). Request sends in xml format and Response comes in xml(xml will open in the browser). I could successfully recorded Request part with all steps. Log file displayed all steps and data of the Request when I was executing(run) the automation script. I could successfully received the response after I executed the automation script(Request part). Problems are as follows.

    1.  01.  Log file did not consist with any information regarding RESPONSE even automation script(request) had successfully executed. We expect your explanation on this. Simply we need to see how the details of response are displayed in the log. These are the kind of major information we expect.
    1. 02.   Are there any way to automate the RESPONSE…??If it is not how to overcome this issue and give your suggestions.


    Note:- I am currently using web test project in Test Studio2012.2.

     Lookingforward to yourfavorable reply..


  2. Byron
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    Hello Krish,

    Thanks for trying Test Studio. The log file typically details the success or failure of automation steps against the browser. However, under specific circumstances, Test Studio does record information about the contents of the browser (for example, at test failure). However, if you wish to record responses during a successful test, you can choose to do so by different methods.

    First, you can extract content and attributes from the page and store them in a variable. Then, you can access the variable in code and write it to your data source or write it to the log with Log.WriteLine(). You can also use logical steps to determine the course of your test based on the value of verifications against page content. Test Studio is not designed to automate against XML documents, although if the content appears in the browser you should be able to capture it. Please let us know if this addresses your question.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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