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  1. Mohamed Rushdi
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    I have some questions related to Mobile app automation in telerik test studio:

    1. How can you access the code behind the automatically created test steps?

    2. how can I add a xpath to an element? i basically want to identify the element using xpath.  It seems that I can access the element properties(query builder), and there is a "+" to add new properties. How can i generate a xpath automatically? 

    3. How can I reuse the elements in my previous test case? Currently, It seems that it creating a the same element again and again in every test case. please look in to the attached pic. This is a really big issue because in case if the developer changes the element information, I will have to go in to each test cases and update it. 

    4.How can I reuse test cases?



  2. Elena
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    Hello Mohamed,

    I guess you have used Test Studio Web&Desktop and based on that experience there are features which you have enjoyed and would be happy to have in the Mobile Testing Edition as well. Though, you should know that two products are quite different, although they may seem similar. The most important reason is that the technologies these tools need to cover for automation are quite different and thus, require different approaches. 

    Having that said, it is expected to miss some useful features between the Mobile and Web&Desktop tools. To answer more precisely to your questions, I will list my answers below: 
    1. Test Studio Mobile cannot convert the recorded steps directly to code. 
    2. As you have noticed and mentioned, any other attribute can be added to an element's query through the Query Builder, which can be accessed when you choose to edit an element in the Elements explorer. Test Studio has no built-in mechanism to create Xpaths automatically. So you will need to build the xpaths by yourself and add these through the Query builder. 
    3. In Test Studio Mobile the elements are stored per test and do not follow the concept of Test Studio Web&Desktop to keep a shared element's repository. So I have to admit that any element needs to be modified for each single test. 
    4. To reuse the tests could be possible if having the ability to execute tests as step. This feature is not yet implemented, but is submitted to our feedback portal. The public item, which progress you can follow, is listed here

    Thank you for your understanding in advance. 

    Elena Tsvetkova
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