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    I have come across what I believe to be an IE10 related issue with the way Test Studio interacts with IE10 using XPath.  Our application uses elements with dynamic ids.  In order to find these elements during a playback, XPath was used.  It appears that after interacting with several elements which are located via their XPath, IE10 will stop responding and display the "Internet Explorer has stopped responding" message box.  At this point, the browser needs to be closed and the automated test stopped.  Initally, we used a long XPath to get to the desired elements.  After the Telerik training class yesterday (thanks Todd!), it was advised that we use a short XPath such as //*[@Id = ""].  I applied this change to one of the dynamic elements and it appeared to work correctly.  After applying the XPath modification to the 6 other dynamic elements, IE again stopped responding halfway through the test.  The problem is predictible, as the test fails at the same point every time - which is after the constant XPath calls.  After struggling with the test for several more hours, I decided to run it in IE10 using IE8 browser and document mode.  The test is not displaying the error any longer and is running through to completion.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Any suggestions on a cause other than IE10?  Again, it runs if IE10 is in IE8 browser and IE8 document modes.  I have not yet been able to run the test on a true IE8 or IE9 machine.  I welcome any suggestions!  Thanks!!
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    Hello Gregory,

    It seems this is a duplicate to an issue you have already submitted. Please refer to this link for more information.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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