How to supply TFS credentials when scheduling remote execution?

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    Hi guys,

    we have a Test Studio project that we've connected to TFS online (Team Foundation Service). We can open and check in and check out - no problem. We need to be able to schedule an execution on a remote machine via CMD and we're using this approach:

    However, this application doesn't accept parameters that specify whether we need to get the project from the local copy or to pull it from TFS. As a result - it always tries to get it from TFS. This doesn't work because there doesn't seem to be any way to supply credentials. We can see the following request being made:

      "Id": "b29b354a-2921-463b-9508-c95a0869504e",
      "TestList": "MyFirstTestList",
      "Path": "MyFirstTestList.aiilist",
      "PathType": 4,
      "Credentials": null,
      "MachinesToUse": [
      "Schedule": {
        "IsRecurring": false,
        "TimeToRun": "2015-06-13T13:26:00Z",
        "DayOfMonth": null,
        "DayOrdinal": null,
        "DaysOfWeekMask": 0,
        "FirstDayOfWeek": 0,
        "Frequency": 0,
        "Interval": 0,
        "MaxOccurrences": null,
        "MonthOfYear": null,
        "RecursUntil": null
      "Notification": {
        "EmailsList": null,
        "Notify": 0,
        "ShowGeneralInformation": true,
        "ShowFailureInformation": true,
        "AttachExcel": false,
        "AttachWord": false,
        "AttachAiiResult": false,
        "TextBefore": "",
        "TextBetween": "",
        "TextAfter": "",
        "Subject": "RunResult: NameOfRun; ResultOfRun; EndTime EndTimeOfRun; Pass/Total summary Machine: MachineName"
      "ProjectInfo": {
        "ProjectId": "aaa94839-38d3-45fe-a728-8b4a29c58aa3",
        "ProjectSourceLocation": "C:\\Users\\stoilcho\\Documents\\Test Studio Projects\\MyProject",
        "SchedulingServerUri": "",
        "SourceControlServerAddress": "",
        "ProjectRemotePath": "$/MySolutions/MyProject",
        "UseSourceControlVersion": true
      "RootFolder": null,
      "Distributed": false

    Why is credentials sent as null? 

    So my questions are:

    A) How to configure Telerik.TestStudio.CommandLineClient so that I can control when I want to pull the project from TFS? If there is no parameter for this - can we please log a feature request

    B) How can I pass my TFS credentials to Telerik.TestStudio.CommandLineClient when I'm trying to pull the project from TFS? Once again - can we please log a feature request on this if it's currently not possible. Is there some workaround ?

     Thanks guys!



  2. Cody
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    Posted 16 Jun 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Stoil,

    Telerik.TestStudio.CommandLineClient will not pull from TFS and there's no command line option to instruct it to do so. Those credentials you're looking at are null because it was planned to be implemented and has not been yet.

    I can think of two ways of scheduling a test list and have it pull the latest from TFS:

    1) Use full Test Studio to schedule a test list and check the checkbox "Get latest...".
    2) Export the Test Studio project to a Visual Studio project then create a build definition and run the build definition.

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