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    Posted 31 Mar 2012 Link to this post

    Hi team,
    i met an issue about cookie today. In my web application, there is a debug page("") to add a cookie with name "dealerPooling" and value "true", if i add this cookie, then a proper page will display.
    My version of  telerik test studio is 2011.2.1413.0

    scenario 1:
         step1: turn to ""
         step2: click on FIESTA image
         step3: input a zipcode(48033) to zipcode input textbox and click "SEARCH DEALER INVENTORY" button
         step4: A search dealer inventory page for this scenario1 will display

    scenario 2:
         turn to a debug page "" and add a cookie with name "dealerPooling" and value "true"
         repeat steps in scenario2, and we can see a different search dealer inventory page for this scenario2.

    What i want to know is how to add cookie with code steps?
    I have tried several ways to do that, but failed, only scenario1 page displayed when i execute scenario2 step, here is some code to be invoked before clicking "SEARCH DEALER INVENTORY"

    Public Sub SetCookie()
                Dim newCookie As New System.Net.Cookie()
                newCookie.Name = "dealerPooling"
                newCookie.Value = "true"
                newCookie.Domain = ""
                newCookie.Expires = DateTime.MaxValue

    End Sub

    Public Sub SetCookieWithDebugPage()
                Dim nameBox, valueBox As HtmlInputText
                Dim submitButton As HtmlInputSubmit
                nameBox = Find.ByAttributes(of HtmlInputText)("name=newName")
                valueBox = Find.ByAttributes(of HtmlInputText)("name=newValue")
                nameBox.Text = "dealerPooling"
                valueBox.Text = "true"
                submitButton = Find.ByAttributes(of HtmlInputSubmit)("name=addCookie")
    End Sub
  2. Anthony
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    Posted 03 Apr 2012 Link to this post

    Hello Kevin,

    This is a duplicate of your other forum post. Let's continue the discussion there.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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