Edit tests w/o connection to the DOM?

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  1. John
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    Posted 15 Nov 2012 Link to this post

    I am quite frustrated at this point.  It appears that Test Studio has everything that I need to create a good web UI test.  Unfortunately the website that I am testing is very heavy jQuery (dynamically changing DOM) and has very few elements with ID's.  

    This is the FRUSTRATING thing - I know how to find the exact element by its xpath (I like this TS feature) and I also know exactly what the innerText should contain in order to validate the test, however it appears that I cannot edit a test step without being connected to the DOM.  When I am connected to the DOM and I select the element that I want to validate during the recording session, the DOM element that I want to validate disappears and what I actually get is some other element that has nothing to do with my test.  The reason it disappears is because it was created dynamically and by clicking on the targeting dot to target the element it actually removes focus from the element selected.  Then what I get is some underlying more static DOM element, not what I need.

    Is there any way to edit the test or create a test step without actually having a live DOM connection?

    This would probably not be that big of deal but running the tool and connecting to my browser is incredibly slow, sometimes completely freezing the browser.  Currently I am running this on a VM with over 8gb of memory and plenty of disk space.  Perhaps I should run this on my host machine as it has 24gb memory.
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    Posted 15 Nov 2012 Link to this post

    Hi John,

    Thanks for trying Test Studio. It is possible to edit the find logic of the target element without connecting to the page. I recommend using our Find Element dialog and selecting Find without Connection. This way you can search the DOM tab for the specific element, or input the specific XPath find logic for the element. Please let us know if we can assist you further.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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  3. Madhavi
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    Posted 16 Nov 2012 Link to this post

    I would not say I have the same issue but I do have a similar issue.

    While recording a Test ,when I select a value for a Drop Down List.( A value an index number of 772 or higher, meaning its way way below in the DDL , )TTS is not caapruting that information correctly and my Execution falis bacause of that step.

    I tried modifing my script by feeding in the ' Select by Drop Down Type' , I set it to
    1> By Index------------- did not work on execution, it picked up a different index
    2>By Value -------- No luck
    3> By Text ------- It does not work either :(

    Please advice. I am not a developer so , coding to adjust my script is new for me , but if I know exactly what needs to be done I can get help from my development team.
  4. Cody
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    Posted 19 Nov 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Madhavi,

    This does sound like a very tricky to deal with. To best assist you we'll need to be able to reproduce this problem on our local machine. Is it possible for us to directly access your application (and give us the steps necessary to get to this drop down) for us to diagnose this problem? The next best thing would be for you to send is a Fiddler trace of the page that contains the drop down as it's being displayed. To do this:

    1) Manually navigate your website to the page just prior to the one containing the drop down
    2) Clear Cache using FiddlerCap
    3) Start trace in FiddlerCap
    4) In the browser click the last link that brings up this drop down
    5) Stop capture in FiddlerCap
    6) Save and send us the resulting .SAZ file (put it into a .zip first)

    We have about a 50% success rate using these Fiddler traces to reproduce recording/playback problems like these.

    the Telerik team
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