Changing the Value of a input field

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Tobias asked on 08 Feb 2022, 02:27 PM


I currently trying to automate a test with Teststudio where i insert a value to an input field on a webpage, save it and then edit it to annother value.
But when i run the test and the value shall be edited, the Test inserts the old value of this field.



Unfortunatly i cannot show Images in public due to security permissions.



Tobias Marx

Telerik team
commented on 10 Feb 2022, 02:40 PM

Hi Tobias, 

You can try to execute the test you have recorded withturned on annotations - these highlight the target element for each step, slows down the test run a bit and are helpful to observe the test run to sort out what happens at each step and why it is the old value inserted.

You can also check the article how to troubleshoot a failing test as well as the rest of the articles in that section of the documentation. 

I also prepared a sample test, which follows similar steps to the described. It is against the W3School page for html input element. You can download it and add it in your project using the option to add an existing test

I hope these notes will be helpful for you to sort out the issue with the test. I checked your account and noticed you have an active trial license. So, if you continue having  troubles you can submit a private support ticket from your Telerik account here, in which we can exchange further details for the misbehavior. 

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

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Elements Test Execution Test Recording
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