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    I am given a long term project to determine the best method using telerik to do regression testing on all our web pages, the problem is that not all pages headers and page design are the same. Is there a better way using telerik to validate ever changing context? One problem I came across is that a script I created worked on one page but the header locations changed on the next page so I could not have reused the code. Is there a better solution? The problem is that the content changes slightly as well as the location of the elements, the forum had some good ideas already posted but wondering if have any better means to perform regression testing on all webpages that has ever changing content
    Thank you for looking into this
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    Hi Randell,

    First regarding elements that change location, as long as it's really the same element, Test Studio is immune to this. Test Studio locates elements using unique properties such as the ID of the element, or the href of an anchor tag and so on. It scans the browsers entire DOM when looking for the right target element. It doesn't look for elements at a specific location.

    Coming back a high level, can you be a little more specific on what sorts of tests you want to put together? To say "regression tests" is too vague and abstract. Test Studio does best at end-to-end functional testing, mainly focused at testing the business logic of the application (is the cart accepting new items, are the calculations correct, are the shipping rules being honored, and so on).

    If you have specific errors you are getting or specific tests that aren't working as expected, or you're struggling with how to put together a specific test case, I'll be glad to assist with this. I just need something more tangible to work with than "how do I do regression testing across all pages". That's just too large and too vague of a question to answer.

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