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Amy asked on 03 Jun 2015, 12:04 PM

Hi there,

QA is a small part of this company but it is growing.  We have more than 30 customers and we will need to soon test all customers which are using different CSS.

At this moment, we are using nightwatchjs with Node using Javascript, it is good and we can define steps and call those steps several times in our code. i.e. login, creating different text for topics etc...  I have several questions:-


1. How do you handle text creation?  I.e. a Topic or a UserName can not have the same name, must be unquie.  In nightwatch we use chance.js

2. Can run through Jenkins?

3. Can be run by Groups?

4. Scripts can be recording in your application and imported or viewed as javascript? I.e. import into nightwatchjs?

5. Ajax calls can also be called?

6. Do you have a API Reference?

7. Does your system create reports

8. How long does your Trial version last for?

9. This software can be install on MAC? Is it support?

10. If a licence is bought, how many people can use this at one time?


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Telerik team
answered on 03 Jun 2015, 07:30 PM
Hello Amy,

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Test Studio for your test automation needs. Nightwatch.js is pretty good if you don't mind hand coding all your scripts and are well versed at JavaScript. We pride ourselves on our mostly codeless approach. You simply record your actions in a browser and playback the recording.

Every large test project will need a little bit of code. When necessary you can add a coded step and write whatever code you need using our API. You also have the full .NET API at your disposal. Our API includes the ability to run your own JavaScript if needed, though very few customers find the need to do this because our API is very rich.

I will do my best to answer each of your questions in sequence:
  1. You can use a coded step to generate some random text, or generate and use some sort of sequential text or number.
  2. Yes, see this documentation on how.
  3. How do you define a "Group"? We have the concept of test lists. Will this work?
  4. Scripts can be recorded but you must use one of our test runners or MSTest. They are not compatible with Nightwatch.js.
  5. You can invoke any JavaScript you can write.
  6. Yes, it's right here.
  7. Yes, see this documentation on reports.
  8. The standard trial period is 30 days. We have the option of extending it when the need can be justified.
  9. No, Test Studio only runs on the Windows platform. See our system requirements.
  10. Test Studio is licensed on a per machine basis. One license can be installed on only one machine at a time, though it can be transferred between machines multiple times. Only one person at a time can use the one license. If you want to allow multiple people to share one machine that is permitted, so long as it's one person at a time.

    We do have different editions of Test Studio for different purposes: Functional, Load, Ultimate, Runtime. The last one is meant to be used on build servers and remote execution machines.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

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