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    Top 5 Challenges of Adopting Agile Methodologies

    The hardest part of adopting Agile methodologies is getting started. In this presentation Joel Semeniuk, Executive VP of Telerik's Agile Project Management Division, focuses on the hardest parts of getting started. You will learn what the most common problems for teams getting started with Agile are and how to deal with those. Some of the areas discussed are planning, productivity, and requirements gathering.
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    Work Item Manager new version released!

    Happy to announce the new WIM update that is addressing certain issues reported by our great community.   Here is a brief list of improvements we ship with this update:  Error while dragging work items during planning is now fixed. The symptom of this error is that whenever you try to drag and drop a work item or a grid column header, you receive a “Root AdornerLayer not found…” error message.  This issue only happened in some environments so not all users were affected.  Drag and drop should now be working in all environments. Error with query parsing causing projects to not ...
    June 30, 2011
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    Managing Multiple Concurrent Iterations (Sprints) with TeamPulse

    Our projects should always strive for simplicity in the way they are structured and organized.  This is especially true for the organizations of release and iteration plans.  With iterative development using agile methodologies such as Scrum, we emphasize breaking down a project or a software release into time boxed iterations (called Sprints in Scrum).  It’s very important to note that iterations truly represent a “bucket” of work – the capacity of this bucket determined by the fixed length of the iteration (usually ranging from 1-4 weeks) and the amount of work your team can get done in that period of ...
    June 22, 2011
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    Service Pack 1 for TeamPulse R1 released

    Last week, we released the first TeamPulse 2011 R1 service pack, it enhances the tools overall usage and introduces some bug fixes. For more details about this release check the release notes and download the latest version from your account. Along with the service pack, the TeamPulse team is also working hard on the new R2 release, targeted for Mid-August. So stay tuned! The TeamPulse team 
    June 17, 2011
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    My Perspective, What Happens After the Planning Meeting

    The Product Owner has the responsibility of the “what” so that the team can determine the “how”. It is a fine line that we often ride but never cross. I’ve always compared this to the strategy the military takes to fight wars. The entire team has the responsibility of winning the war, the product owner has the responsibility of determining the strategy but it’s the team’s duty to win each battle. To win battles, the cross-functional team has to fully understand the strategy in order to determine the best tactical approach. Without a clear understanding of what needs to be ...