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    SP1 Brings RadRichTextBox to TeamPulse

    The first release of TeamPulse used Microsoft's Rich Text control to enable rich formatting inside the Story, Persona and Acceptance Criteria descriptions. It offered a good variety of basic formatting options, but nothing like what is now offered by upgrading to the RadRichTextBox control. By using the RadRichTextBox, we effectively have a mini word processor built right into TeamPulse allowing you to create even richer descriptions.   Getting Started What? You don't see the Text Tools contextual tab? Click your mouse inside any of the rich text fields in TeamPulse and you'll see the contextual tab appear in the application's ...
    September 27, 2010
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    Changing the Ports TeamPulse Uses

    By default TeamPulse makes use of ports 9897, 9898, and 9899 for access to the User Management, TeamPulse, and Integration sites and services. In some cases those ports may be in use by another application, or otherwise restricted within your environment, making it necessary for a change to these defaults. With TeamPulse SP1 it's a fairly simple task to change the ports via modifications to a couple of configuration files, which we will show below. We do recommend, however, that anyone uncomfortable with editing config files have their system administrator help to make these changes.   Part 1: IIS Configuration...
    September 24, 2010
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    TeamPulse Q2 Service Pack 1 Is Here

    The TeamPulse team is very excited to announce the availability of our first service pack! The service pack has taken us a little longer than we had hoped to produce; however, we’re positive it was worth it.  Here is a summary of some of the changes introduced by the Service Pack. Deleting a Project This feature is somewhat self-explanatory – we now give you the ability to delete your projects.  This is a permanent operation and the only way to undo this operation is by restoring your TeamPulse database.
    September 19, 2010
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    Integrating with TeamPulse

    Note: A successor to this blog post has been written focusing on authenticating to the data service. You can read it here. Because TeamPulse makes it very easy to enter and track information regarding your project, users will find that they very quickly will have a large repository of valuable information in the TeamPulse data store.  Due to the complex and integrated nature of most teams, rarely does information stay within one repository.  It often needs to be digested and shared in many different ways and to many different people. Although TeamPulse has a rich visual aggregation of information ...
    September 10, 2010
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    Project Templates in TeamPulse

    After having installed TeamPulse the first thing a user is going to have to do is create a new project.  Creating a new project presents the important decision of choosing a template for the project.  Once a project is created you cannot change the template later so the decision is one not to be taken lightly.  After reading this blog post you will understand what is a project template in TeamPulse as well as understand each of the different project templates available in order to be capable of choosing the correct template for your project. What is ...
    August 10, 2010