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    Capturing User Stories with TeamPulse

    Defining requirements for a software system has always been a difficult task.  Capturing requirements as User Stories is a technique that has been extensively employed on Agile projects as a way to help describe functionality that will be valuable to users of the software being developed. According to Mike Cohn user stories should be composed of three aspects: -          A written description of the story -          Conversations about the story that help flesh out the details of the story -          Tests that allow us to understand when the story implementation is complete In addition, William Wake, from “Invest in ...
    July 13, 2010
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    Team Transparency and TeamPulse

    In June, Stephen Forte wrote a great blog post on Transparency and Software Teams. As Stephen mentioned, Telerik has embraced transparency as a key practice of an effective Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) strategy. Quality is a result of feedback cycles – the tighter the feedback cycles on your team, the more ability your team has to recognize issues and resolve them early. In fact, at Telerik we went so far as to try to have almost real-time transparency with the release of our free Project Dashboard tool that sits on top of Microsoft Team Foundation Server. Our goal was ...
    July 12, 2010
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    What's new with TeamPulse?

    It’s been two full months since we announced TeamPulse to the world!  Since the launch of our first public beta, the TeamPulse team has been extremely busy consuming the amazing feedback we’ve received from all of our private and public beta customers.  Combined with our original plans for the product, the feedback that we’ve received has really helped to re-shape the product, as well as help focus our approach, resulting in a product that we believe will provide our customers with even more value. If you don’t know much about TeamPulse, you should check out some of our videos online...
    June 16, 2010