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    Changing your TeamPulse Integration Service account Credentials

    When TeamPulse is installed there are a number of components that are set up and configured on your server. One of those components is the TeamPulse Integration Service which is installed as a Windows service. The job of this service is to analyze your projects for best practices and to generate content that is to be used in the RSS feeds. The RTM version of TeamPulse was released with an issue regarding the TeamPulse Integration Service default account that I will help you work around (this will be resolved in the next release). Currently this service is configured to use ...
    August 04, 2010
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    Telerik TeamPulse Launch (or how to crush GTW)

    I owe an apology to a few hundred Telerik fans out there – I didn’t watch the road (aka webinar registrations) closely enough and I let it run too high up, to the point where we crashed GoToWebinar capacity (1001 attendees –  that’s right - one thousand and one). If you want to watch the webinar that crushed GTW limits, you can see it at Telerik TV.       As a result quite a few of you weren’t able to attend. I received a lot of messages (such as the one below) as well as pings on twitter about it.       As we were nearing...
    August 02, 2010
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    TeamPulse is LIVE!!

    The TeamPulse team is excited to announce that our first official release of TeamPulse is now READY for general download. Here is a quick summary of the features for the Q2 2010 Release:1. Community and Standard Editions Fully functional Community Edition is free with a limitation of 5 users and 1 project Standard Edition is $249 USD per user 2. Requirements Story Management Persona Management 3. Planning: Project Release Scheduling Iteration Planning Work Decomposition
    July 27, 2010
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    What is a Persona in TeamPulse?

    Personas are fictitious characters created to represent the different user types of a system. Personas will help you visualize the people behind the keyboard using the features of the software your team is creating. You will can describe exactly how personas use your software by describing the interaction in a story. When defining software requirements in the context of a persona (complete with a picture, a name, and a rich description of a personas goals, objectives, constraints, and day to day realities) teams can better define how to approach the design of the features the persona interacts with. TeamPulse provides ...
    July 22, 2010
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    TeamPulse Helps Your Team Follow Best Practices

    One of the features that has inspired the TeamPulse team over the years is Static Code Analysis. In Visual Studio 2010 (Premium and higher) you have the ability to have Visual Studio perform a check on your code to see how well your code conforms to different coding best practices. You can have Visual Studio check for how to best declare error handlers, or even making sure that you dispose of your objects before they go out of scope - it’s like having a fully automated code review without the need for anyone to actually review your code. What’s ...
    July 16, 2010