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    Escaping from the “How Long?” time trap

    If it is true that time is money and, once lost, can never be found again, it should be no surprise that the “work smarter, not harder” mantra has become the drumbeat that agile developers must march to. One pillar of project estimation is having a solid grasp of how long will a given task take, and how long to complete the entire project. Even for those who have a strong grasp of this concept, delivering truly accurate estimates can become a frustrating, time-consuming process that results in projections that are far off the mark. Why? Because falling prey to ...
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    Agile is not Scrum, but Scrum is Agile

    Sounds simple enough right? Unfortunately, I missed that lesson after being introduced to SCRUM, which I thought was actually called “Agile”. Why unfortunately? Well, this lesson in Agile 101 was taught to me by a potential client. Here’s how the conversation went: Client: “So, what sort of development methodologies does your team use?” Me: “Agile methodologies. They really work well for us.” Client: “Oh really? Which methodology?” Me: “Uh…Agile?” Client: “I know that, but I mean what type of agile development you do?” Me: “The one with Scrum meeting, I suppose.” Client: “You mean Scrum?” Me: “Yeah. Scrum…that makes sense.” ...
    March 31, 2011
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    Communication Bandwidth on Successful Projects

    As developers, we like to believe that only raw data matters. And what is more raw than the written word? Does this mean that email is a more efficient communication mechanism than in-person meetings? Email contains just the raw words of our intent, right? The receiver can scan through looking for relevant content. Their computer can index and search our email. Why don’t we communicate everything in email? We’ve all experienced the miscommunication that can happen in email. So what are we missing? The reality is that humans are social animals. We are attuned to many communication side channels - ...
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    TeamPulse R1 2011 Beta Available Online

    We are excited to present to you the R1 2011 BETA release of Telerik, agile project management tool, TeamPulse. If you are eager to know what happened behind the curtain during the last couple of months and what will be shipped in the next major release, read on! As promised, we will deliver a bunch of great new features: Problem Management (Bugs, Issues and Risk Management) The new Problem Management module contains a number of features that offer bug, issue, and risk management making the process more productive and flexible and giving users greater insight into overall product quality. ...
    March 17, 2011
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    Acceptance Test Driven Development

    Acceptance Test Driven Development represents another step in the pragmatic, cooperative style that was described 10 years ago when a group of 17 software developers gathered at Utah’s Snowbird ski resort in February 2001 and issued the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, with its guiding principle of: “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.” The Agile Manifesto also includes the principle of: “Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.” Perhaps the developers spent the evening hours around a big fireplace at Snowbird – feeding the flames with ...