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    Work Item Manager Beta 4 is Here

    Another release of the Work Item Manager is here and we have some exciting new features to tell you about! By far the most requested features for WIM have been a parent/child task board view and the ability to use TFS 2010’s new hierarchical queries. This blog post will show you a quick overview of these features. Parent/Child Task Board View We have added a new option in the task board which allows you to group work items by parent work item. In this view, the parent work items are displayed in their own column, and the child work items ...
    January 19, 2011
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    Telerik TeamPulse Q1 2011 Plans Revealed

    The first release for 2011 is approaching, so we decided to share with you a bit more about what we are developing for our project management tool - TeamPulse. With Q1 2011 our plans are to significantly expand both the depth and the breadth of the application and project life-cycle spectrum TeamPulse covers. With the upcoming release TeamPulse will introduce the ability to record bugs, issues, and risks giving users greater insight into overall product quality. The product will also introduce Goal Management, adding an extra layer of “requirements” to help teams plan more effectively and align perspectives and needs....
    January 11, 2011
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    Best Practice Debt and TeamPulse

    In a recent blog post, Joel Semeniuk talked about something he called “Best Practice Debt” – referring to the ever increasing amount of work your team will need to consider as you put off following best practices. The TeamPulse team has realized this as well, as this was one of the reasons we added Best Practice Analysis to TeamPulse early in the product release cycle. We found that even with our own teams, we needed to have an experienced and detailed oriented person look over our project looking for things that “smell bad” –sometimes even a great team doesn’t ...
    January 05, 2011
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    TeamPulse Q3 2010 Service Pack 1 and Special Holiday Promo

    It’s the end of 2010 and we just released TeamPulse Service Pack 1 introducing a great new feature for creating reports as well as enhancements to the existing features. In addition to the new functionalities and in the Holiday spirit we are organizing a special promo with great discounts for all customers of TeamPulse. Read all the way through for the details: Reporting With this Service Pack TeamPulse introduces the ability to create reports based on the project data stored in the application. With this first version we introduce three report types: Iteration Burndown – this report helps you visualize ...
    December 15, 2010
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    Introducing the TeamPulse TFS Process Template

    Successful synchronization in TeamPulse depends on stories and tasks having a workflow (statuses and transitions) that matches the workflow of the Team Foundation Server (TFS) work item type they are mapped to. If your TeamPulse project was created with the “TeamPulse” project template, there is no out-of-the-box TFS process template that will allow you to easily synchronize your TeamPulse data with TFS. For this reason, the TeamPulse v1.0 TFS process template has been created. When to use it The TeamPulse v1.0 TFS process template should be used if both of the following conditions are met. 1. You have an existing ...
    November 26, 2010