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    Using Email Notification in TeamPulse

    One of the new features introduced with TeamPulse R2 2011 is the Email Notifications.  With this feature we aimed to improve how TeamPulse handles the most important pillars in the Agile process – collaboration and communication. With TeamPulse R2 2011 you can now subscribe to receive email updates whenever a work item (user story, bug, issue, or risk) is updated. This way you can automate the process of tracking work item progress and save time.  With Agile teams, the desired method of communication is face to face discussions, but with today’s distributed teams, this is not always easy to do ...
    September 07, 2011
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    The TeamPulse TFS Process Template – Why Does It Matter?

    Hey, I’m Joel Poiron and I’ve been a developer on the TeamPulse project from the beginning. I am one of the guys behind our Team Foundation Server synchronization engine and also played a sizeable role in developing the TFS Work Item Manager. We’ve received a few questions regarding TFS process templates and how they affect synchronizing with TeamPulse so with this post I will try to clarify their importance and how to deal with issues that can arise. If you still haven't used the TFS Synchronization feature, I encourage you to: Check out this short how to video  ...
    August 31, 2011
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    Behind the Scenes with the TeamPulse Team - Part 3

    (This is a continuation of Behind the Scenes with the TeamPulse Team Part 1 and Part 2) Wow.. lots to talk about… here is the 3rd post in the series describing some of the things we do on the TeamPulse team.   Sprint Reviews At the end of each 2 week iteration the teams host a number of sprint reviews. In reality, there were two sprint reviews each sprint – one in Bulgaria and one in Winnipeg. The teams invited everyone they could to these meetings. It is really important for us to directly engage other product teams within ...
    August 30, 2011
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    Backlog Management in TeamPulse

    Hi, I’m Yordan Dimitrov and I’m the Team Lead of the Sofia Team (you can check Joel’s blog about the TeamPulse Team structure). In my blogs I will discuss some of the great TeamPulse features as well as give you useful tips on how to use them to improve your development processes. So let’s start. In the new TeamPulse R2 release we’ve included a new feature we call backlog management. What is backlog management? I’ll start with the more narrow term, Product Backlog. A Product Backlog is one of the artifacts of the Scrum methodology and in Agile in general. ...
    August 29, 2011
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    Behind the Scenes with the TeamPulse Team – Part 2

    (This is a continuation of “Behind the Scenes with the TeamPulse Team – Part 1) post The Backlog Backlog Management was a major feature in the 2011 R2 release. This is yet another example of where the team released new features to our dogfood server as quickly as they could in order to start realizing the value the feature provided to the team. In this case, the team immediately started to use the backlog view to prioritize the combined set of ALL stories and bugs, use custom views to help narrow down the large amounts of data we ...
    August 25, 2011