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    How to: Add a Custom State

    A common question we get asked is how to add new statuses to work items in TeamPulse.  While the process is not difficult, it is also not immediately obvious and a bit of complexity is added if your project is syncing with TFS.  To help people accomplish this task, we have added a how-to article in the TeamPulse documentation entitled “How to: Add a Custom State”.  This article will walk you through the process of adding a status to a work item in TeamPulse and adding a new state to a work item type definition in TFS.  If ...
    January 18, 2012
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    TeamPulse TFS Sync Tips & Tricks

    In my previous post I went into detail about how TFS process templates affect the sync process and in this post I’ll give some pointers on how to make the TFS sync experience in TeamPulse even better by explaining some of the finer points and also show you how to make sync work faster. You can test the TFS sync by downloading the TeamPulse trial and installing it on your machine. Using a TFS query to speed up sync If you have a big project, as we do, the sync process can take a while. The part that takes the ...
    September 13, 2011
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    The TeamPulse TFS Process Template – Why Does It Matter?

    Hey, I’m Joel Poiron and I’ve been a developer on the TeamPulse project from the beginning. I am one of the guys behind our Team Foundation Server synchronization engine and also played a sizeable role in developing the TFS Work Item Manager. We’ve received a few questions regarding TFS process templates and how they affect synchronizing with TeamPulse so with this post I will try to clarify their importance and how to deal with issues that can arise. If you still haven't used the TFS Synchronization feature, I encourage you to: Check out this short how to video  ...
    August 31, 2011