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We are excited to present to you the R1 2011 BETA release of Telerik, agile project management tool, TeamPulse. If you are eager to know what happened behind the curtain during the last couple of months and what will be shipped in the next major release, read on!

As promised, we will deliver a bunch of great new features:

Problem Management (Bugs, Issues and Risk Management)

The new Problem Management module contains a number of features that offer bug, issue, and risk management making the process more productive and flexible and giving users greater insight into overall product quality. The Problem Management feature supports the complete process of creating, triaging, prioritizing, and assigning bugs, issues and risks within the application.

Furthermore, there is a specially designed notification system that enhances the overall workflow, by displaying badges, in the navigation ribbon, with the number of pending items in the project requiring attention and triaging.

Bi-directional synchronization of Bugs is also provided for those using TFS 2010.

Capturing Bugs

My Perspective

The My Perspective feature gives a compact summarized view of the project information relevant and important for each individual user. The My Perspective view can be customized to support the users own needs and important work statuses for stories, tasks and bugs. Additionally, the feature provides notification when the best practices are broken or not followed by an individual or the team in one project. It also provides tracking for the recent changes made to those project items assigned to that particular user.

My Perspective View

New Best Practices

The Beta version of TeamPulse introduces a number of new items in the Best Practices Analyzer aimed supporting the project integrity, in terms of problem management, by checking if:

  • Current bugs should be assigned to an area
  • Current problems have no estimate
  • Done bugs have no resolution
  • Triaged bugs should be assigned to an area

TaskBoard View

The TaskBoard view allow users to track the progress of their individual tasks as well as see to which story each task is related to and the state of its completion.


Feedback and Feature Requests

These new features give the opportunity to easily collect and collaborate on all project related inquiries into one place, creating a rich and relevant base for future project planning and development.

Feature Request

Check out the TeamPulse Beta ONLINE

Submit Your Feedback and Win

Those of you that submit their feedback about the new features and help us make TeamPulse better will be included in a raffle for a $200 Amazon gift certificate. Please use the feedback button provided in the application’s upper right corner.


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