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The TeamPulse team is very excited to announce the availability of our first service pack!

The service pack has taken us a little longer than we had hoped to produce; however, we’re positive it was worth it. 

Here is a summary of some of the changes introduced by the Service Pack.

Deleting a Project

Deleting a Project
This feature is somewhat self-explanatory – we now give you the ability to delete your projects.  This is a permanent operation and the only way to undo this operation is by restoring your TeamPulse database.

Better Rich Text

Rich Text
We have updated our description boxes to the new RAD Rich Text control with full Ribbon support.  As you can see from the screenshot, some features that we now provide include:
1. Undo/Redo
2. Complete Word like styling
3. Ability to add TeamPulse links as well as hyperlinks to text
4. Ability import and export content

Better Story Hierarchy View

Story Hierarchy View 
We have enhanced our story hierarchy view using the new RAD Tree List View controls which gives us much more control over how we display information as well as features such as filtering and sorting.
One Port to Rule them All
From an installation and administrative perspective, we’ve also removed the requirement to have two ports open to support the Best Practice Analyzer.  With the Service Pack, the Best Practice Analyzer will leverage the existing IIS port of 9898 instead of requiring the secondary 9899 port to be opened.


For More Details

Of course, you can see a complete list of all of the fixes, new features, and usability enhancements in the release notes of the service pack located here.

Get the service pack today and start fully enjoying TeamPulse - your Agile Management Tool!



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