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Happy to announce the new WIM update that is addressing certain issues reported by our great community.


Here is a brief list of improvements we ship with this update: 

Error while dragging work items during planning is now fixed.

The symptom of this error is that whenever you try to drag and drop a work item or a grid column header, you receive a “Root AdornerLayer not found…” error message.  This issue only happened in some environments so not all users were affected.  Drag and drop should now be working in all environments.

Error with query parsing causing projects to not load is now working as expected.

The symptom of this issue is that you receive an error while a project is loading and after the error, none of the queries for the project are loaded.  TFS 2010 added a lot of new options and capabilities for work item queries and some of these options were causing problems for the query parsing logic.  The query parsing has been improved and so has the error handling around query loading.  Now if a query fails to load it will not prevent the entire project from loading, but rather just that query will not be loaded.


For more information about this release, check the release notes and download the latest version directly from your account

Also there is an opportunity to see how WIM benchmarks with other Project Management tools offered by Telerik.

Last but not least, we want to thank the WIM community for bringing these issues to our attention and for the continued support you gave us, as always, be sure to post any feature requests or issues to our forums, we would love to hear them.


WIM team


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