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    Top 5 TDD Mistakes

    Our guest blogger, the Contented Coder, Bradley Braithwaite shares the 5 most common TDD mistakes that he has encountered over the years.
    January 24, 2013
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    Where Did My Extensions Go?

    The next major release of JustCode is fast approaching, and we have included previews of some of its major features in the most recent internal build. To support these, we had to make a change to the way in which JustCode loads extensions.
    January 22, 2013
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    Asserting Behavior with JustMock

    JustMock is a great tool for abstracting dependencies in unit tests, and the new automocking feature makes it even faster to develop unit tests.  Another great feature in JustMock and JustMock Lite is the capability to assert the behavior of your system under test.  Traditional TDD (Test Driven Testing) unit testing typically tests for state.  Did the user get logged in? Did the user’s shopping cart get loaded?  Important tests, of course.  But that only tests the end result of the method.  If the user does NOT successfully login, and the cart is not reloaded, is that because the call to the repository was never called? Or because some error happened that didn’t reload the cart in this particular use case?  The state of the application is correct, but is that because it executed the expected behavior, or because we got lucky? 
    January 10, 2013
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    Finding and Fixing Performance and Memory Issues Episode I

    Episode I – The Frozen Screen Do you want to test your optimization chops with JustTrace? Does using a guide feel like cheating? Then don’t read this article! Instead, download the JustTraceExamples project and fix the issues. This article will be here if you are stuck.
    January 09, 2013
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    Developer Resolutions for 2013

    My friend and coworker Chris Eargle wrote a great post on some resolutions for the New Year.  It made me think about how lucky we were to avoid this particular apocalypse (along with all of the others that I've lived through in my 45 years), so I’ve come up with a few developer centric resolutions of my own.
    January 07, 2013