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    JustMock is Getting a Facelift

    With the Q1 2015 release JustMock continues to evolve. It comes with a few exciting new features: Mocking Containers Integration (MEF or Unity for dependency injection) Entity Framework (EF) integration Improved Integration with TFS 2013 and TFS 2012 Download the latest version to try out the new features or read more about them on the What’s New page. We also wanted to make the mocking API cleaner. To make that possible, a few important changes will follow.
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    30 Days of TDD: The Complete Journey

    This holiday season, you can sit next to the fireplace, eat cookies with warm milk and browse through the entire 30 days of the TDD journey. Enjoy!
    December 11, 2014
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    What’s Ahead for JustCode

    It has been some time since Microsoft announced officially the Roslyn project – the new .NET compiler for C# and VB.NET for the upcoming Visual Studio version. Roslyn is not just a compiler but also a platform that provides Visual Studio users with essential features that will speed up their work, e.g. real time code analysis, quick fixes, refactorings, navigations. At the same time it will be extendable to the point that users will have the ability to build the productivity tool for Visual Studio that best meets their needs.
    October 30, 2014
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    You Voted, We Implemented. Introducing Just Products Q2 2014

    Improvements in Q2 2014 include a new remove unused references command and improved unit test runner in JustCode, better source level profiling with JustTrace, installation-free profiler activation in JustMock and more.
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    Memory Profiling on Production Servers with the JustTrace Profiler

    The JustTrace performance and memory profiler has always been a developer tool, aiming to help create the best products possible. That's why we seamlessly integrate with Visual Studio and have our high level analyses. But when our colleagues who develop telerik.com came to us seeking help with finding why the site was leaking memory, we realized we can do more. Sometimes performance issues arise on production servers and must be fixed quickly without disrupting the clients.