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    How to Create a JustCode Extension

    I wrote about creating JustCode extensions when it was a new feature, and we have improved it based upon our experiences and your feedback. To get started, open the Create New Project dialog and navigate to the Telerik options under Installed. Select C# Visual Studio JustCode Extension. The previous project type, C# JustCode extension, is still available for backwards compatibility. Give your new extensions project a name, choose the location, then press OK. A project is created based on our new template. It has several example extensions included to help guide you. The difference with the old approach is that instead of building...
    October 17, 2012
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    Support for Visual Studio 2012 Themes in JustCode 2012 Q2 Service Pack 2

    In addition to the extra code navigation features introduced in JustCode 2012 Q2 SP2, we have made improvements for Visual Studio themes.  We focused on four main areas to support the new “Modern” user interface in VS2012: the general user interface (tool windows, popups, dialogs, etc.), options pages, the Visual Aid, and code colorization. General User Interface The new Modern (formerly called “Metro”) interface in Visual Studio comes with two default themes – dark and light.  There is a new extension available for Visual Studio, called the “Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor”, and we updated JustCode to work with the additional themes available through...
    October 15, 2012
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    4 Steps to Profile Your Apps

    JustTrace makes profiling your application easy. Just follow these four steps and you will soon be on your way to identifying and removing memory leaks and performance issues. Keep in mind, profiling is best done regularly so you can detect unusual behavior early and avoid problems before they manifest. Follow these four steps to profile your applications with JustTrace: Assess, Acquire, Analyze, and Act.  Step 1: Assess Determine what kind of issue you have. Is your application’s memory continuously growing while running? You have a memory leak. Do some parts of your application take too long to run? You have a performance...
    October 11, 2012
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    Why Mocking Matters

    How does mocking benefit me?  That’s a question I hear a lot as I travel around the world giving talks.  So before we dive into how to use a mocking tool like JustMock, let’s discuss why this is important and the benefit that mocking provides over other techniques like Fakes. In my post on Why SOLID Matters, we refactored a small piece of code to be more SOLID.  Granted, it was a simplistic example, but good for illustrating several key points on SOLID.  We will continue using the same code to discuss the benefits of Mocking.  As a refresher, we ended...
    October 10, 2012
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    Getting Started with NUnit, NUnit.Should, and JustMock

    Technorati Tags: TDD,Test Driven Development,JustMock,JustCode,NUnit,NUnit.Should,Mocking Before diving into mocking with JustMock, it’s important to note that JustMock is a mocking framework, and not a testing framework.  Test frameworks allow for creating Test Fixtures, which are .NET classes decorated with the appropriate attributes so they are picked up by a Test Runner.  Test are created within a Test Fixture by writing methods (with the appropriate attributes) that exercise your code (also referred to as the System Under Test) and report the results.  Test Runners are programs that will run your tests.  There are many free testing frameworks available for .NET developers, including MSTest (included...
    October 05, 2012