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We are not superheroes on the Just Team.

We do not save lives or cure diseases, aside from the occasional software bug. We do not pull children out of burning buildings, though one colleague did adopt a stray puppy. We do not try to solve global issues such as overconsumption of natural resources, only the overconsumption of memory in applications.

What we actually do can be explained quite simply.

We provide you with tools to make your life as a developer just a little bit easier and perhaps a little more fun. We build tools that will save you time and cut your development cost.

Sounds simple? It's not at all.

To be honest, if it was just us sitting in a room, brainstorming in isolation on how to achieve our goals, we would never make any progress besides overdosing on coffee. That’s where you come in; that’s why we need you. You are part of the Just Team as much as any of us. In fact, you (yes, all of you) are the most important part of our team. You are our inspiration, our biggest critic, and our best ally. If you are a skeptic, as I tend to be, you may think this is all “just a bunch of marketing fluff.” As an aspiring skeptic, I am prepared to argue with you. Here are some tangible examples to show you why we at Just consider you are a valuable part of our team.

Tangible, Not Fluff

So far this year, you have created extensions for two of our products.

JustDecompile, our free .NET decompiler, now has a neat new plugin called GoToEntryPoint courtesy of Bernhard Lang. Thanks to Bernhard you can now add a simple context menu item in the assembly list to jump to the assembly/module entry-point.

JustCode, the essential Visual Studio productivity tool, has its very first, user-generated extension made available to the public: JustCodeStyleFormatExtension by Chad England. Chad wanted to have a way for JustCode to move using directives into the namespace, and he made it happen.

We are extremely grateful to both Chad and Bernhard for contributing to our efforts to build better tools.

That’s Not All

Our products have received a lot of positive reviews and blog posts over the past few months. This feedback is both a validation and constant reminder that we are going in the right direction. Of course, not all feedback was positive, but we consider all feedback (positive or not) valuable in guiding our future direction and decisions on new features.

In recent months, we introduced new feedback portals for JustCode, JustMock, and JustTrace. On these sites, you can submit your feedback, share your ideas, and vote for your favorite features. Please do! Your feedback is what drives us forward. You are part of our team and your opinion counts. We promise to listen!

About the Author

Elena Pundjeva

 is Brand Manager | Just* and XAML Portfolio

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