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All JustDecompile plugins are open source and hosted on GitHub. You can easily contribute and become part of the Telerik community of more than 1.4 million developers.

To install a JustDecompile plugin, use the built-in plugin manager. You can access it through the Plugins button from the main JustDecompile menu. Then, all you have to do is choose any of the available plugins and go through the installation process.

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De4Dot Deobfuscator

De4dot – a deobfuscator for .NET. Using it, you’ll be able to decompile obfuscated code and a lot more.

  • See the original code with fixed control flow, the original strings and resources, without the obfuscator junk - the deobfuscated code will run
  • Suitable for cases like deobfuscating .NET malware, your lost source code for which you have only obfuscated .NET assembly
  • Verify whether an obfuscated .NET assembly contains the claimed source code, optimizing program code and getting rid of obfuscator generated code

Download the latest version courtesy of Neo Xeo

Assembly Editor Plugin

Telerik has ported for JustDecompile, the well-known Assembly Editor, Reflexil, developed by Sébastien LEBRETON. This Reflector plugin provides users with the option to manipulate .NET assemblies loaded in JustDecompile.

  • Edit/Add members in C#/VB.NET with IntelliSense
  • Easily update embedded, linked or assembly linked resources
  • Create, update or delete IL instructions with all supported operands like type, field or method references
  • Remove assembly strong name and update referencing assemblies

Get the latest version ot this plugin, recently updated by Robert McGinley.

JustDecompile Power Tools

A place-holder of multiple features that save you time and effort. Currently, the following features are included in this plugin:

  • Go to entry point - Adds a simple assembly list treeview context menu item to jump to the assemblies/modules entry-point
  • Mass open in new tab in the navigation tree

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