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    Setting custom skin for the web report viewer

    I've been asked a few times by clients how to customize the web report viewer's skins, so they can better match their company identity. I would try to describe 'the process' in this post. We are trying to stay close to the approach used for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, so one who has used our web controls would be pleasantly surprised to find two familiar properties in Telerik Reporting - Skin and SkinsPath. As their names suggest, the first one is used to specify the name of the skin, while the second one specifies the path where this skin can be found. Let's start with...
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    Telerik Reporting Q1 2009 SP1 is now live

    Once again our constant urge to provide you with the Telerik quality you're used to, resulted in Q1's first service pack of Telerik Reporting. It's needless to say that it contains important bug fixes and improvements of the product and to our new "players" - the Table and HtmlTextBox items. Here is a brief overview: Added support for multi-page view in the Win Report Viewer - although it is not common to include new functionality for a service pack, we decided to push this through instead of making you wait for the Q2 release. This has been long awaited feature for many of you, so do give it a spin. Next thing...
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    Reporting: assembly scoped user functions

    Hi guys, We've been having requests for the feature in the title for some time and finally we were able to introduce it in the Q3 SP2 release.  Generally user functions allow you to extend the default behavior of the Telerik Reporting engine. They are public static  (Public Shared in VB.NET) methods that should always return a value and can take an arbitrary number of input parameters depending on your needs. They are public static, because they are not related to a concrete instance of a report. They are executed by the expression engine and work in the context of the report processing. If you...
    February 18, 2009
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    New support resources search facilities on

    Greetings everyone, With the brand new look-and-feel of we introduced for the landmark Q3 2008 release you probably noticed that the support resources searching capabilities have changed, too. Our aim was to expose intuitive and straight-forward means to browse the available resources based on their type and find the information/examples you need in a blink of an eye. In a nutshell, we would like each visitor to have the ability to search by product line and get a list of results with a leading indicator image designating the resource type (demo, help topic, knowledge base article, code library project, etc.). Since a...
    December 22, 2008
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    Hide duplicates in a column

    In some cases you might want to hide duplicates in a single "column" - for example if you group by a field, it would be nice to present the data in a more clean way.
    November 27, 2008