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In some cases you might want to hide duplicates in a single "column" - for example if you group by a field, it would be nice to present the data in a more clean way e.g.:

column1  column2  column3
phone      nokia         green
phone     siemens       brown
phone    samsung       red
car         toyota          black
car         mitsubishi     silver



column1  column2  column3
phone     nokia           green
             siemens        brown
             samsung         red
car         toyota          black
              mitsubishi     silver


Basically we should pass in the column1 (grouping) value and compare it to the last one we printed. If it's the same, return an empty string and if it's different, we store and show the new value. We can declare a string variable to hold the value of the last-printed value in between item bindings.

The above scenario can be handled in two ways:

  • Using DataBound event handler to modify the Value property of the TextBox.
  • Creating user function to filter the value.

I have attached a sample solution with two reports that demonstrates both approaches. Please note the UserFunction should be public static (Public Shared in VB) and the old-value-storage should be static too.

I hope this helps someone and you enjoy this week's Reporting Tips & Tricks post!


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