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    Source Control Options With Icenium

    In this post Steve Tsokev discusses how you can use various git providers with Icenium, and hints at some big news we have coming very soon on Icenium and Visual Studio working together...
    September 17, 2013
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    How to Use Custom URL Schemes

    In this guest blog post, Steve Tsokev - a Telerik Sr Enterprise Support Officer covers how to create and use custom URL schemes in mobile hybrid apps using Apache Cordova & Icenium.
    August 26, 2013
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    Extending Telerik Reporting Service with Custom IReportResolver

    Download custom IReportResolver example (C#) The Telerik Reporting Service is a WCF service that enables the remote access to the Telerik Reporting Engine (aka ReportProcessor). The Reporting Service acts as a communication interface between the client programs and the ReportProcessor. The client programs invoke the report rendering from the service using a string report description. Based on the report description the service’s report resolvers try to create an IReportDocument instance needed by the ReportProcessor. The IReportDocument interface represents a report document. This includes a single Report or ReportBook. The IReportDocument returned by the report resolver will be further handled by the ReportProcessor. The service...
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    Reset PageNumber per Report Group

    Download Telerik_Reporting_Reset_PageNumber_per_Group (C#) - 4.72 KB In Telerik Reporting, the PageNumber object can only be used in the page header and page footer sections. It contains the current page number and its value is increased with one for every new page. In some scenarios, it is useful to alter the page number based on a condition and the most frequent scenario being asked is resetting the PageNumber after each group. The powerful expression engine of Telerik Reporting allows you to accomplish this easily with the help of page aggregates and tiny bit of code. Basically the idea is to check what is the last group on a page and if it...
    February 07, 2012
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    Running Telerik Reports in the cloud with Windows Azure Part 2

    Download Telerik_Reporting_in_Azure (C# VS2010) - 1.69 MB As we bragged in the SP1 of Telerik Reporting Q1 2011 Available post, besides the improved performance and optimized server resources, the XAML rendering extension can now be used in Windows Azure. That is why we decided to update our cloud demo to show the reports in the Silverlight report viewer as well (which utilizes the XAML rendering). You can learn how to use the Silverlight report viewer from the Getting Started with the Silverlight Report Viewer for Telerik Reporting video. The updated demo site can be seen at The good news is there is nothing specific that has...