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(This is a guest post by Stefan Tsokev - a Telerik Senior Enterprise Support Officer.)

So you've jumped into Icenium and like it so far, but wonder what source control provider you should you use? Well this is an easy one - the only requirement is that it should be a git repository and have public http or https endpoint. This way our services can access and clone the repository for you (Cloning through ssh and cloning from private network through VPN are not supported scenarios at the moment). So let's list the most popular providers we've seen utilized in Icenium and how:




or the shorter version:{username}/{repo_name}.git


https://{username}{repo name}.git

or the shorter version:{repo_name}.git

Microsoft's TFS git

In order to clone and use this repository from Git tools outside of Visual Studio, you need to enable alternate credentials in the Profile dialog. Once set, use them with the following address:


Spoiler: We've got a Visual Studio extension in the works for the upcoming v.1.8 release of Icenium. It will allow you to use your favourite IDE with the source control of your choice. Watch this blog for more information about this in the next week!

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