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As we bragged in the SP1 of Telerik Reporting Q1 2011 Available post, besides the improved performance and optimized server resources, the XAML rendering extension can now be used in Windows Azure. That is why we decided to update our cloud demo to show the reports in the Silverlight report viewer as well (which utilizes the XAML rendering). You can learn how to use the Silverlight report viewer from the Getting Started with the Silverlight Report Viewer for Telerik Reporting video.

The updated demo site can be seen at The good news is there is nothing specific that has to be done for the Silverlight viewer or Telerik Reporting WCF Service in order to run properly on Azure, it just works. There were no additional deployment steps whatsoever other than the ones listed in the Create and deploy an ASP.NET application in Windows Azure MSDN article.

Note: Set Copy Local = True for all Telerik Reporting assemblies. This would ensure the Publish operation copies those assemblies to the service package.

For those of you just stumbling upon the Telerik Reporting in Azure topic, check the following:

Attached to this post you can find the project we’ve published which includes several of our demo reports. In order to run the sample you need to modify the connection string in the web.config file with your existing SQL Azure server name and login credentials. Connecting and consuming an existing SQL Azure database in Telerik Report topic is covered in the following posts:

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