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    Automatic operations with RadGrid and SqlDataSource control

    Although many of you are probably familiar with this project from the code library section on our site, I thought it is worth the effort to demonstrate once again in public how easily (with literally zero lines of code) you can configure RadGrid to perform automatic data-editing operations and refresh the data in the database directly. The video I have prepared for this purpose is available in this section on our site, below is the direct link: On a side note, for Martin and all the others who had problems with the screen size of the Excel-like filtering video posted before, I am pleased to...
    October 17, 2007

    Excel-like filtering with RadGrid, RadMenu and RadAjax

    Hi everyone,We decided to start series of blog posts targeting interesting examples which can be easily implemented with RadControls. These short posts will be accompanied by flash movies (they will start in new window when you click the image at the bottom of the message) which outline the main parts of the demos. That is where the name of blog comes from - Telerik corporation presents. We hope you will enjoy the reading and do not spare your ideas about videos you would like to see here - who knows, may be you can become the producer/director of the next movie from the series :)Now up to...
    August 06, 2007
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    Finally .. Shared TimeView for all of you TimePicker lovers!

    As many of you have waited patiently for this feature, I decided to drop a few words since it has already been implemented. We will introduce it officially with the next quarterly release in September. Of course anyone who needs this badly can open a support ticket and request internal build! Well here it is - basically the drill is the same as with the SharedCalendar: Drop a TimeView control on the page