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    Connecting Telerik Reporting to OData feeds

    Download ODataSample (C# VS2010) - 167KB Download ODataSample (VB VS2010) - 180KB The Open Data Protocol, also known as OData recently has gained a lot of popularity. That is why we decided to demonstrate how to connect and consume an existing OData feed from Telerik Reporting with the help of WCF Data Services. For the sake of this example we will connect to the Northwind sample database exposed as an OData service with the following root URL: Let's start by adding a service reference to the Northwind data service to our report class library - we use the above service URL for this purpose: Visual Studio creates a reference to the service...
    November 19, 2010
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    Using Telerik Reporting with WCF RIA Services

    Due to the rising popularity of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) e.g. Silverlight applications, the developers get more dependent on services for coordinating application logic between the middle tier and the presentation tier and the logical question raises how to use an already working WCF RIA Service as a datasource for Telerik Report. This is very useful if you want to enable the exact same business data access logic for clients other than Silverlight. For example to a WPF, WinForms or WebForms application. Thus we have made some tests locally and decided to share our observations in this post. Prerequisites: We will examine the WCF...
    October 22, 2010
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    Telerik Reporting introduces OpenAccess ORM and ADO.NET Entity Framework data source components

    The Q2 2010 release of Telerik Reporting introduces two new data source components that are aimed at improving the integration with business applications utilizing the ADO.NET Entity Framework or the OpenAccess ORM. (You can see the new data source components in action in the free webinar tomorrow, Tuesday , Jul 20, 11 am EST. Just register for What’s New in Telerik Reporting and RadControls for WinForms. During the live event attendees will also have the chance to win a Telerik Ultimate Collection, valued at $1999). Prior to the Q2 2010 Telerik Reporting release, the only option for connecting a report to an existing entity model...
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    Dynamic Sorting of Reporting Crosstabs Using a Custom Aggregate Function

    Customers often ask questions about how to sort the rows of a table or a crosstab by a specific column, when the column is chosen dynamically according to a certain criteria or specified directly by the end user. This can be trivially accomplished for a table, because the exact number and names of the individual columns is previously known and fixed. In most cases it is simply a matter of specifying an appropriate sorting expression to the table. On the other hand, sorting a crosstab by a specific column is not so simple to accomplish. The crosstab generates its rows and...
    April 29, 2010
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    How to create Self-Hosted Telerik Reporting WCF Service in 9 easy steps

    With the 2010 Q1 SP1 release of Telerik Reporting we have introduced Self-Hosted Reporting WCF Service. In the following blog we are explaining how to use our new feature. First lets highlight the advantages of the Self-Hosted services: Easy to use: With only a few lines of code you have your service running. Easy to debug: Debugging WCF services that are hosted in a self-hosted environment provides a familiar way of debugging, without having to attach to separate applications that activate your service. Easy to deploy. Flexible: You can easily control the lifetime of your services. Supports all bindings and transport. For the service...
    April 29, 2010