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    Telerik Reporting - Tips and Tricks

    What better source for tips and tricks for your beloved Reporting product, than a blog spot right from the kitchen where the product is ‘mixed’. As of this post, we would like to start a small series of tips and tricks that make a developers’ life sweeter. We’re not going to discuss general topics, so if you’re looking for answers for one of those questions – please review our documentation and our forums. As you can guess, the sub-report item, which lets you display one report within another report is widely used in Telerik Reporting.  It lets you compose complex reports from...
    October 31, 2008
  • Productivity Reporting

    Custom Toolbar for the Web ReportViewer

    Our insatiable commitment to deliver more than expected in every aspect of our products resulted in me being curious, if we are as flexible as we think and whether one can always achieve his goal be it out of the box or with custom solution using our API and other controls if necessary. Hmmm what could that custom solution be – how about a custom Toolbar for our web ReportViewer. For those of you, who are unfamiliar with our Web ReportViewer , here is a short description – it is designed to render Telerik Reports within ASP.NET projects and it has a toolbar that...
    October 23, 2008

    Another portion of 33 RadGrid videos for you to enjoy

    If I have to summarize this post in four words, they would be: Falafel did it again. Sometimes I think that these guys work even during their spare time to prove their efficiency and professional attitude once again. Anyway, one more support videos package was just published on the Telerik site, special gratitude to Noel Rice for the involvement. If you are interested in learning more about RadGrid and how to customize it in various scenarios, now is the time to broaden your knowledge and increase your grid coding skills. Do not wait any longer and visit this link: Stand by for more RadControls videos which are...
    December 13, 2007
  • Release

    21 new RadGrid videos are available in public

    Our friends from Falafel never stop to amaze me - it seems that these guys never sleep :) Now seriously, there is a bunch of new videos we have uploaded few days ago on that are worth taking a look at. So if you want to spare several minutes of your time and learn more about the flexible object model and features of RadGrid here is the link you should visit: personally like the zooming feature and the easy section navigation from the leftmost TOC section of the video. Naturally, we will follow the idea and all future videos (Falafel's or Telerik's) will take advantage of these...
    November 16, 2007
  • Release

    Four new RadGrid videos have just arrived

    Hi everyone,I am pleased to let you know that recently our partners from Falafel software created four pretty cool RadGrid videos (with zooming, section navigation, narration and so on). They are about some of the built-in grid features and you can check them out in the Support -> Videos section on Paging: Grouping and Sorting: Filtering and Scrolling: Aggregate column with total in footer: Enjoy (and of course let us know what other types of videos you would be most interested to see) ;)Stephen...
    November 11, 2007