Once again our constant urge to provide you with the Telerik quality you're used to, resulted in Q1's first service pack of Telerik Reporting. It's needless to say that it contains important bug fixes and improvements of the product and to our new "players" - the Table and HtmlTextBox items. Here is a brief overview:

Added support for multi-page view in the Win Report Viewer - although it is not common to include new functionality for a service pack, we decided to push this through instead of making you wait for the Q2 release. This has been long awaited feature for many of you, so do give it a spin.

Next thing that's worth mentioning is the Visual Studio Report Designer. There was a rare problem, which was really annoying where in some cases you would not be able to resize report items/sections anymore. This was a very old issue and due to the fact it is hard to replicate, we have not been able to track it down until recently, when some of you guys helped us with info on how to reproduce it steadily.

Moving on, there was a nasty chart item problem where only a single property change was serialized when making changes. We're relieved to say this is over with as well as with some redundantly serialized attributes in the .resx file.

Another mind bogling issue that was addressed is the inability to dynamically change reports in the web Report Viewer. There was an easy workaround provided, but still you would no longer experience such issues with the service pack.

In Q3 SP2 we added support for using connectionStrings from the application's config file for the Data Source and Report Wizards. However there was a small glitch in how we saved the connectionString and it was not possible to reuse it. This is esential especially when it comes to deploying the project on a live server.

Various fixes were applied to the HtmlTextBox item, which although a new item proved to be highly flexible and thus heavily used.

There are many more resolved issues, so please check the full Release Notes for this service pack.

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