Test Studio System Requirements Summary

 Disk SpaceCPURAM
Minimum Resolution1280 x 800
Recommended Resolution1920 x 1080
Display Scale100%
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022
Supported Browsers
Internet Explorer 11; Latest Edge Chromium, Latest Chrome, Latest Firefox
WPF Applications Support
WPF for .NET Framework 4.5+, .NET Core 3.1, .NET 5, .NET 6, .NET 7, .NET 8
Windows Desktop Applications Support
All Windows desktop applications supporting the Microsoft UI Automation framework, including applications containing custom controls that provide the required automation peers.
  • .NET Framework Requirement: 4.7.2
  • Required database for Scheduling Server: MongoDB 4.0 - 6.3 with at least 2GB additional disk space
  • Visual Studio Plug-in Support: Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio 2022

For more details please visit our documentation.

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