Record Automated Tests for Kendo UI and AngularJS Apps

Test the reliability of your rich, interactive JavaScript apps with just a few clicks. Benefit from built-in Kendo UI web translators that will help you automate tests like a pro!

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Abstract out the control specifics to
build powerful automation tests

  • Grid

    Enjoy 100+ features from filtering and sorting, to hierarchical data grouping.

  • Panelbar

    Create a collapsible navigation designed to organize items in contextual groups.

  • Calendar

    Create convenient viewing experience for dates and times for your users.

  • Tabstrip

    Organize the content of your website or application efficiently.

  • Menu

    Add attractive and user-friendly context popup menus with ease.

  • Treeview

    Intuitively present hierarchical information to end-users using drag-and-drop.

Why Test Studio?

  1. Native support for Kendo UI Web

    Test Studio ships with translators for testing complex, widget-based apps. We’ve got translators for most Kendo UI controls: Calendar, Grid, Menu, Treeview, Panelbar, Tabstrip, Menu, Listview, and more.

  1. Handle JavaScript calls with ease

    Test Studio supports execution of any JavaScript from your test including JavaScript function invocation and validation directly from your code. It also detects JSON objects, can handle strongly typed objects returned from JavaScript, as well as access to JQuery API's.

  1. Test against all major browsers

    No need to build numerous tests for different browsers anymore. With Test Studio you can expand your browser compatibility testing to all the latest browsers without making any changes to your test cases.

  1. Test rich graphics and multimedia

    With Test Studio you can easily check if an audio/video element is playing/paused or is loading properly by using the tool’s API. You can access the 2D context of a canvas element and use it to verify and simulate drawing.

  1. Testing drag-n-drop is lots easier

    While Kendo UI helps you build drag and drop functionalities with ease, with Test Studio you can effortlessly create automated UI tests for mouse drag-and-drop operations.

  1. CSS verification

    Test Studio offers you the exceptional ability to get the computed (inherited/cascaded) versus inline styles for any tag in the application under test.

What a fantastic tool you provide and more so what great service and support. I’m very impressed with the level of interaction I’ve had with your company. I watched one of your recorded session, great job and very informative. It really opened my eyes as to what this tool is capable of. I’m still very much in the learning stage but I’ve got great support already. If I have any questions, I’ll be sure to send them your way.


Test Studio provides an intuitive UI for experienced testers and noob testers like myself. I was up and running with the software within hours, and I can run stable tests against the application for functionality and regression testing. As a bonus, I have also used Test Studio to create certification and accreditation tests to validate the security settings of the application. Fabulous product with outstanding support!


After using the trial for a week we increased our automated testing from 5% to 30%. Test Studio was so easy to incorporate into our existing testing environment! Tests are stable and easy to run and understand.