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The first release of the year is here for Kendo UI. Check out everything that's new across our jQuery, React, Angular and Vue libraries, including new components, performance boosts and more.

It’s that time of year again - the R1 2019 release is here! We have a ton of goodies spread throughout all of the products found within the Kendo UI bundle that you can take advantage of starting today. We’ll be posting in-depth articles around each flavor throughout the day, but I wanted to cover everything at a high level in this post for you to have on hand while linking to the more in-depth blog articles.


New Components

The jQuery components received a couple of the most-requested UI components, specifically:

  • MultiViewCalendar - Gives a quick way to display two calendars side-by-side to help with selection of dates across multiple weeks
  • DateRangePicker - Grants users the ability to select a start and end date within a single drop down
  • Ripple - Ties in with the Material theme and gives developers a generic way to create the nice-looking ripple animation that has originated from the Material theme

On top of these two components, we were able to move some of our components from the hybrid mobile UI component library over to the main Kendo UI for jQuery library. This helps ensure that you don’t need to pull in any extra references when using these components which will help quite a bit when working with PWAs. We specifically ported over these components:

  • ScrollView - Have multiple images that need to be scrolled through, either manually or automatically? This is where the ScrollView component comes in to play.
  • Switch - A traditional switch component that gives a nice user experience for toggling between values (on/off, true/false, etc.)

ThemeBuilder Gets Material Theme

The ThemeBuilder is, if you ask me, one of the most useful tools that we have available for Kendo UI developers. If you’re not familiar with it, the quick and dirty is that it provides you with a visual way to quickly modify and customize any of the Kendo UI themes. With this release we were able to add support for the Material theme in the ThemeBuilder!

This means you can take our Material theme (or any of our themes really) and make it fit to any of your own designs by simply selecting primary and secondary colors from a color picker (or providing your own HEX values).

TreeView Performance Boost

One of the more exciting pieces of this release is the performance that we have managed to get out of the TreeView thanks to a handful of improvements we did to the component. The TreeView is now faster than ever and the best part is all you need to do to take advantage of these improvments is upgrade your references to R1 2019 - nothing else needed!

We covered more specifics around what we did under the hood in this blog post so if you’re curious you can jump over there to read more about it!

There are even more features that we were able to add in to this release that we cover in the jQuery-specific blog post.


New Editor

With R1 2019 we are proud to announce that we have been able to deliver the Editor component for our Angular components. As always this component was built specifically for Angular without any dependency on jQuery. This is the initial version of the Editor that covers many of the scenarios folks are looking to use an Editor for and we will continue to expand upon the feature set over the next couple of months.

Scheduler Improvements

We’ve spent a fair amount of time improving the Angular Scheduler since its initial release. Specifically we were able to add the following items across the last couple of months:

  • Localization & globalization
  • Binding to resources
  • Event templates
  • Custom model binding

There are a few other improvements across the Angular bits, but these are the initial highlights. For a more in-depth look you can read over the Angular release blog post.


New Components

On the React side of the house we have been very busy and have added seven new components with the R1 2019 release. Specifically we released:

  • Splitter
  • MaskedTextBox
  • Window
  • Toolbar
  • DropDownButton and SplitButton
  • TreeView
  • Upload

Grid Improvements

We are continuously adding features to the KendoReact Grid and with this release we’ve been able to introduce:

  • The filter and column menu
  • Frozen columns (alternatively called locked columns)

UMD Module

A final note that I want to make around the KendoReact release is that we went ahead and implemented a UMD Module of KendoReact that contains everything available within KendoReact in a single JavaScript file. This provides you with yet another way to work with KendoReact, and has been a very popular request from our existing customers.

Just like with the other JavaScript libraries we cover this and even more details in the KendoReact blog post.


New Native Data Grid

The biggest announcement that we have for the R1 2019 release is the new data grid that is dependency-free and built specifically for Vue. We’re very excited to be able to deliver this component for folks interested in Vue development, and this initial release is chock-full of features from day one!

We dropped a specific blog post announcing the Grid that has additional information so check that out for more details!

Additional New Vue Components

Beyond the new native data grid we also went ahead and added the new components in our jQuery suite to our Vue components, so that means we’ve been able to rock both the MultiViewCalendar, DateRangePicker, and Ripple components along with the ScrollView and Switch components.

Sign Up for The Webinar

I tried to cover all the important bits in this blog post, but there’s a ton more that came out with the R1 release! For a look at all the goodies I mentioned here, plus more, you should sign up for the R1 2019 Kendo UI release webinar that we’re hosting on January 22nd at 11 AM ET. Seats are limited so make sure that you reserve your seat today!

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