• .NET Mobile

    Isolating a problem in a sample project

    “Please send us a sample project” If you have contacted Telerik’s support before, chances are that you have been asked to send us a sample project. In our daily routine, we try to avoid requesting such as much as possible, but there are cases in which we simply cannot move forward without a project that would allow us to reproduce a specific problem locally. We usually ask for isolated sample only after: we have failed to reproduce the reported problem by following your instructions we have failed to reproduce the reported problem by running the code provided we have failed to reproduce the reported...
    September 29, 2010
  • .NET Desktop

    Jump-start using Telerik RadControls

    Or the quickest way to acquire and start utilizing RadControls Okay, I’m throwing it out: With Visual Studio 2010 on your machine and a Telerik account, you can set up a project utilizing the latest RadControls in less than two minutes. Here is how: Start Visual Studio 2010 Launch the Extension Manager and navigate to the Online Gallery tab Search for Telerik VSExtensions Install the VSExtensions you’re interested in. For the time being there are four of them: WebUI ( RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX ), Silverlight ( RadControls for Silverlight ), WPF ( RadControls for WPF ) and WinForms ( RadControls for WinForms ). VSExtensions for ASP.NET MVC are in production and will be published...
  • .NET

    Visual Studio Extensions Q2 2010 Highlights

    At Telerik we take great pride in having the most comprehensible component suites on the market. We always strive to make our components easier and more pleasant to work with. When we first released the Visual Studio Extensions, we made a commitment to make being successful with our components as easy as possible. Here are some of my favorite new features: Keeping up to date In the past we offered a possibility to upgrade your existing projects using the latest versions available through our website. In addition to that functionality, we now let you check for new versions whenever you are...
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    Downloaded a new version? What’s that?

    Some of you already noticed new versions of RadControls are available on the Telerik website and were able to download them to their machines. There is nothing to worry about – it is just the official Q2 2010 release coming out: we are in the final release phase and the official news are about to come in an hour or so.   In other words, having the VSExtensions added to your IDE not only eases the RadControls project creation/configuration/upgrade, but from time to time can give you an hour or two heads-up with the newly expected release.   If you just can’t wait for the new releases (like...
  • .NET Mobile

    ASP.NET 4.0 Routing for RadDataPager for ASP.NET AJAX

    With Q2 2010 release of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX we introduce built-in support for ASP.NET routing for RadGrid and RadDataPager controls. By setting a few properties you can enable nice SEO friendly urls. Below are the steps that you need to perform to enable routing for RadDataPager in ASP.NET 4.0 Create Global.asax file Describe how the route will be rewritten Set AllowSEOPaging="true" and AllowRouting="true" for RadDataPager. Have in mind that routing can be enabled only in context of SEO paging, i.e. AllowSEOPaging must be set to “true” to enable routing. Set RouteName="RadDataPagerRoutingExample" and RoutePageIndexParameterName="dataPager" depending on the settings in Global.asax. Voila! You have implemented routing in 4 simple steps....
    July 14, 2010