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    Need to search in large datasets? Don’t worry, Telerik’s ASP.NET SearchBox control has got you covered.

    Last week we wrote about our new ASP.NET DropDownList control taking some specific functions of our existing ComboBox control, but in a more lightweight and better performing manner. Continuing this trend, it’s time to introduce another of the new members of Telerik’s ASP.NET control suite – the SearchBox.
    February 13, 2013
  • .NET Mobile

    Changes in RadInput in Q2 2012 version of RadControls

    As you already know we have introduced new rendering model for RadInput in Q3 2011. It was later set as default mode in Q1 2012. The initial idea behind this change was to remove 2 of the input elements from the output HTML of the control and use a span that to overlay the visible one in order to show the formatted value. With this approach we really have fewer elements on the page and in the same time we could show, validate and submit different values. We also removed the table in order to provide better styling potential and boost...
    June 22, 2012
  • .NET Desktop

    The new theming engine for WinForms: Speed, give me what I need

    We suppose you have already read the Q2 2012 Announcement blog for WinForms and have noticed the three new great controls that we developed for you – RadChartView, RadAutoCompleteBox and RadTextBoxControl. We also feel, however, that one of the big new things about Q2 2012 may remain unnoticed in the bunch of innovations. Therefore, we decided to dedicate a separate blog post to it. This improvement concerns one of the most important things for each and every application – performance. Namely, in our latest release we introduced a new and improved theming engine. It minimizes the startup time for your application and...
  • .NET Desktop

    About RadTreeView for WinForms and its Supercharged engine

    In Q1 2011 we introduced a highly improved version of the RadTreeView control which had all of its internal parts rebuilt in order to support full UI virtualization and customization. This allowed us to attach a new data engine that provided many new and useful features such as built-in filtering and sorting independent from the external data-sources, and support for CRUD operations. For Q3 2011 and Q3 2011 SP1 we made additional improvements to our data engine and in the synchronization between the UI and the data layers. Now, there are two questions which we have been asked lately: “Is the new RadTreeView...
    February 06, 2012
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    Get Better Performing Input Fields in Your ASP.NET AJAX Apps

    As we are constantly trying to improve our controls, in Q3 2011 we are introducing new HTML rendering for Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX Input control – single input rendering. First of all I should assure you that the old rendering is still available, so all your custom styles and complicated scenarios with RadInput will still work. Let’s check some of the advantages of the single input rendering mode comes with:  No table is used when having buttons and/or labels, which results in quicker rendering. Less HTML is rendered as a whole, which leads to less data transferred to the client. The control can show readable text when...
    November 18, 2011