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    RadTreeView for ASP.NET Ajax Load On Demand Modes - why so many?

    In my previous blog post I told you how the Web Service load on demand mode of RadTreeView delivers the best performance. A logical question arises - why we have the other load on demand modes (server side postback and callback) if they do not perform on par with the Web Service mode. The answer is not that obvious. The truth is every load on demand mode has its pros and cons. The following table describes visually the load on demand modes according to three criterions - performance, templates support, ease of...
    August 08, 2008
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    Performance Tip: Use Web Service Load On Demand with RadTreeView

    A common scenario for a treeview control is to populate it with lots of nodes. Adding a few thousand nodes initially is not a good idea though. Think of all the rendered HTML. Even rendering a few thousand strings (without any extra markup) will result in a few megabytes of HTML. That's where load on demand comes into play. RadTreeView supports three different types of load on demand: web service, server side callback and server side postback. From those the server-side postback mode is least efficient in terms of performance because it postbacks and updates the whole page. Here is how...
    August 06, 2008