• .NET Mobile

    Image editor for Windows Phone - Q2 2013

    Introducing an image editor control for Windows Phone 8.
  • .NET Mobile

    Drawing and Image Filters in Telerik’s Image Editor for ASP.NET AJAX

    Telerik’s Image Editor for ASP.NET AJAX is becoming more powerful by the minute – you can now draw in your browser and have that change a file on the server! Read on to see the goodies we added in the Q1 2013 release!
  • .NET Mobile JavaScript

    Getting Started with the <canvas> Tag – Examples to Get You Closer to the HTML5 Bliss

    There is a great tendency among web browsers nowadays - the wide and fast adoption of HTML5 APIs. Why should we, as web developers, be excited about it? Well let's take the canvas tag, for example. Imagine that you can render raster graphics in the browser, edit an image purely on the client-side, apply filters on it or draw complex animations without the need for plugins, just JavaScript. Imagine the power and features you can implement without bothering with the overhead and complexity of server-side calls. This all and much more is possible with the canvas tag. In this blog...
    September 25, 2012
  • .NET Desktop

    Under the Hood of RadImageEditor for Silverlight and WPF

    Introduction In one of the previous blog posts, we gave you a quick overview of how to use RadImageEditorUI to add a basic image editor to your application in a few simple steps. However, there is often a need for more customized image editing capabilities, in which case you can use the bare-bone RadImageEditor control. It doesn’t force a specific UI, so you can choose one that will best integrate in your application. Whereas RadImageEditorUI contains all the UI you need from a basic image editor, RadImageEditor consists only of the image that is being edited. It has an API that...
    July 20, 2011
  • .NET Mobile

    Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX – Getting Started with RadImageEditor

    We often get requests for new controls and features for our products here at Telerik, and the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX are definitely no exception. One of the most popular requests has always been for the ability to edit images online. Enter the RadImageEditor. This new control, introduced with the Q2 2011 release, allows for end users to take images, edit them in various ways, and then either save them to the server or to their local machine. In this blog post I’ll introduce this new control to you, taking a quick look at how to set it up (it’s...