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Try our new picker controls, tinker with Blazor bindings, implement sticky group headers and more with the latest controls and new features for Telerik UI for Xamarin!

R2 2020 is finally here and we have a lot of goodies in store for you! Remember our picker controls from last release? ListPicker, TemplatedPicker and DateTimePicker? With this release we have shipped the official versions of these pickers. While working on them during R1 2020, we started some parallel work for creating three more pickers for the stack, namely DatePicker, TimePicker and TimeSpanPicker. 

It is important to point out that we've managed to refactor the internal structure of the existing pickers in a way that all the valuable features will be automatically inherited by the newly provided picker controls, including: 

  • Templating 
  • Styling API
  • Formatting 
  • UI virtualization 
  • Localization 
  • Ranges 
  • Commands 

All these features are shared across all pickers, so you can expect the new controls to support them as well.  


The DatePicker control allows the end user to select a date within predefined range. The SpinnerFormat property is used to control which spinners will be visualized visualized and allows for defining standard and custom format strings for the DateTime object. 

date picker


The TimePicker control is designed to enable the selection of time within the range of a single day. It supports both 12- and 24-hour formats. To hold the current selection, the control uses a nullable TimeSpan object.

The SpinnerFormat property is available here as well - define standard and some of the custom format strings for TimeSpan class to visualize the respective spinners. If the scenario requires setting additional steps for the spinners, the TimePicker component exposes the HourStep, MinuteStep, SecondStep properties. This feature can help when choosing between predefined slots of time.

time picker


The TimeSpanPicker is designed to cover all application scenarios that require selection with longer than 24 hours duration. It also uses a nullable TimeSpan object and allows for the selection of a range with a duration of several days. As the other time related picker, this one also allows setting separate steps to any of the spinners. 

 timespan picker

The earlier mentioned refactoring led to slight changes in the public API of the existing DateTimePicker. Everything you need to know about the changes is in our documentation. However, when we compared the advantages and disadvantages of these changes we decided to go ahead and implement them for the better.

On top of the newly provided picker components, we continue to fine-tune and extend the existing ones with fixes and powerful new features. Some of the notable mentions include the ability to customize the headers of the separate spinners. 

Experimental Blazor Bindings

Arguably, the most exiting announcement in the Xamarin space has been the recent announcement by MIcrosoft about launching Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings.

Our team immediately jumped on the bandwagon and as of R2 2020 we provide experimental Blazor bindings for several of the Telerik UI for Xamarin components. Here are the components you can tinker with for your new Blazor Bindings project: 

  • ListView 

  • SideDrawer 

  • BusyIndicator 

  • Border 

  • Button 

  • CheckBox 

For additional information refer to the documentation.

Powerful New Features for Calendar

With this release we have shipped new features for our RadCalendar control - sticky group headers for AgendaView and floating action button for ScheduleView.

Sticky Group Headers for AgendaView

This feature is helpful in a scenario where the appointments for a given month cannot be visualized on a single screen. With sticky group headers, you can scroll down through the dates without losing track of the current month to which the visualized appointments belong. 

The behavior is enabled by default, but you can easily disable it using the AgendaViewSettings.IsHeaderSticky property. Additionally, you can set a format string and a style to control the look and feel. More information can be found in the documentation.

 sticky headers

Floating Action Button for Adding New Appointments 

In a calendar, adding a new appointment is one of the most common operations, which is why we've implemented a built-in floating action button (FAB) for such operations. Its visibility is controlled by the RadCalendar.IsAddAppointmentButtonVisible property and allows the end-users of your Xamarin app to easily add a new appointment in a single click. 

 add new button

New APIs for Scheduling Dialogs

With this release, we have introduced various methods and commands for interacting with the built-in dialogs for adding appointments. For more information, check out our documenation 

Improvements for the Xamarin DataGrid 

Filtering with TemplateColumn

The Xamarin DataGrid extends the functionality of the TemplatedColumn of the component and will now support filtering. You can define a custom template for the filtering UI as well as custom filtering logic. For more information about the new feature, check out our docs

 filtering ui

Customizing the EditTemplate of Cells

RadDataGrid now allows you to modify the template of a cell when it goes into edit mode. This can be easily done with the CellEditTemplate which is shared between all existing column types.

edit template

Customizing the ContentTemplate of cells

A new feature will allow for all all built-in column types to change the default ContentTemplate of their cells. This feature enables users to define their own DataTemplate and at the same time the RadDataGrid will be able to execute operations like grouping, sorting and filtering over that column. This is possible since the meta information that comes with the type of the column is still available for the grid component.

Xamarin.Forms Demo Applications by Telerik

We know you've been anticipating these demo applications for a while, which is why our team worked tirelessly to deliver them with this new release. The applications are available in all app stores - now you can truly experience the power of Telerik UI for Xamarin with real-world, fully functional demo applications.

Stay tuned for the github source code that will be available shortly! 

Share Your Feedback and Learn More at Our Webinar

As always, we welcome your feedback on our controls - please head over to our Feedback Portal or leave a comment below with what you'd like to see next. For more information about the latest controls and features for Telerik UI for Xamarin, don't forget to register for our official release webinar on May 21, 11 AM ET

And if you're new to Telerik UI for Xamarin, be sure to download a free trial of the very latest version right here.

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