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The Telerik UI for Xamarin R1 2020 service pack is live today, bringing new features in the RadListView and Pickers controls and addressing a number of issues across the suite.

With last month’s R1 2020 release of Telerik UI for Xamarin we have introduced a set of picker controls, List, DateTime and Templated (Custom) Pickers, and new view mode for the Calendar control – Agenda View. We have now released our service pack, focusing on stability and improvements in the Picker controls and some nice additions to the suite like Sticky Group Headers for the ListView control.

Sticky Group Headers for ListView Control

Now RadListView comes with one of the most requested features in our public feedback portal - Sticky Group Headers.

Sticky group headers are quite useful in grouped ListView scenarios when the groups have many items. While scrolling throughout the items, the corresponding group header “freezes” at the top of the view until the next one pushes it away.  

You can easily enable the sticky group header behavior by setting IsGroupHeaderSticky property of the ListView to “True”.

Check the short screencast below to see the sticky group headers in action:

ListView for Xamarin Sticky Group Headers


Improvements in Picker Controls

Common List Picker, DateTime Picker and Templated (Custom) Picker features:

  • Add automation IDs.
  • In addition to the default ones, there is a feature now which enables you to add custom logic to Accept and Cancel commands.
  • Open the picker in modal or non-modal popup. You can define whether the popup will be modal or not through the IsPopupModal Boolean property. When IsPopupModal="True" the UI behind the popup gets inactive and cannot be used until the popup is closed. When IsPopupModal="False" the popup can be closed when clicking outside the popup.

    Here's an example with DateTime Picker when IsPopupModal is False
    <telerikInput:RadDateTimePicker SpinnerFormatString="d"
            <telerikInput:PickerPopupSelectorSettings  IsPopupModal="False"

    Check the short screencast below:

    non modal popup for picker for xamarin

    And when the IsPopupModal is True:

    ispopupmodal picker for xamarin

New Features in DateTime Picker control

RadDateTime Picker gives you the opportunity to define a default display date when the SelectedDate value is null. You can achieve this through the DefaultDisplayDate property

<telerikInput:RadDateTimePicker SpinnerFormatString="d"

Made Improvements


  • The today color is not properly applied when in AgendaView mode on Android
  • When the appointment title is too long, it moves and overlaps the time label in AgendaView on Android


  • Fix NullReferenceException is thrown when positioned inside a RadListView control on iOS


  • NullReferenceException is thrown when navigating away from the page while the filtering UI is displayed in Shell.

DateTime Picker

  • Scrolling stops when the mouse moves over the selectionhighlight on UWP
  • SelectionHighlight is not positioned correctly when style is applied.
  • Spinner headers are not center to the spinner content.
  • SelectionHighlight is behind the items.

List Picker

  • SelectionHighlight is behind the items.
  • The control does not look different when IsEnabled is set to false.

Templated Picker

  • SelectionHighlight is behind the items.
  • The first selected value cannot be chosen initially.


  • An extra SelectionChanged event with Reset action is raised the first time an item is selected on Android
  • Load On Demand, Pull To Refresh, Scrolling causes flickering on iOS
  • SwipeOffset property is not respected on UWP
  • ItemSwiping continues after EndItemSwipe() method is called on iOS


  • Clearing the ItemsSource does not clear the items.
  • Enable horizontal scrolling.
  • Text is not wrapped properly.

Share Your Feedback

For many of these we received feedback from you — extremely valuable and appreciated. Please, keep it coming, either by commenting below or by visiting our Feedback portal about Telerik UI for Xamarin. Let us know if you have any suggestions or if you need any particular features/controls.

And if you haven’t already had a chance to try our UI toolkits, simply download a trial from the link below:

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