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It's been two months since the huge Kendo UI Q2'12 release (wow, time indeed flies), and we received massive amount of feedback concerning the tablet UI widgets, ASP.NET MVC server wrappers and docs v2.0 site we launched back then. Thank you all for sharing it with us and for trusting Kendo UI to build your desktop and mobile sites and apps with our framework! It surely helps making our product more robust and flexible for your needs, going forward, and we are constantly striving to make it the one-of-a-kind solution for HTML5 and jQuery-powered desktop and mobile development. ServicePack_image7

Today we are shipping the commercial Q2'12 SP release of all Kendo UI flavors, which is the next step in our crusade for hassle-free modern web development on desktop and mobile.

What's in it

Kendo UI Mobile Theme Builder

The highlight in the SP release is the preface of the Kendo UI Mobile Theme Builder, which supplements the Kendo UI Web Theme Builder and is useful when you want to go beyond the out-of-the-box mobile themes available with Kendo UI Mobile.

The Mobile Theme Builder gives you easy and intuitive means to define the styles for your mobile applications via drag & drop and point-and-click UI. You can adapt colors, gradients patterns and fonts to your satisfaction, and then export the styles you applied in a style sheet with a single click, to be used later in your mobile apps. Additionally, you can choose whether to apply those styles simultaneously for all supported platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, MeeGo) or individually, seeing the results from your customization instantly on the respective mobile devices.  Undo/Redo/Reset functionality is also available.

Here are a few screen shots from the Mobile Theme Builder for your viewing pleasure, for complete experience try the app itself:






Visual Studio 2010/2012 Extensions, including ASP.NET MVC project templates, configure and upgrade wizards

First published on the Visual Studio Gallery back in August (1624 tracked downloads up-to-date) and proclaimed by my colleague John Bristowe in his blog post about Kendo UI and VS 2012/Windows 8, the Visual Studio Extensions for Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC now made it in the official Kendo UI installers. They unwrap your hands when using our MVC wrappers by delivering pre-configured ASP.NET MVC  project templates for them, along with handy configuration and upgrade wizards that helps you start your MVC projects in no time. This all comes with optional Visual Studio IntelliSense support which can significantly reduce your coding time, using autocomplete functionality when typing right in the IDE. 

Enhancement and fixes across the board (Web, DataViz, Mobile, ASP.NET MVC server wrappers)

We are shipping a slew of enhancements and bug fixes, most notable in the Web TreeView and the Mobile ListView widgets, as well as the ASP.NET MVC server wrappers. For a complete log of everything included in the service pack, head on to the official release notes: Web | DataViz | Mobile.

And here are the quick links to the updated commercial downloads, demos and documentation:

Commercial Downloads: Web | DataViz | Mobile | Complete | Complete for ASP.NET MVC
Online Demos | Online Docs

What's next

Looking forward, there are two major milestones we are going to reach till the end of this year:

  1. Kendo UI Q3'12 Beta, expected in late October
  2. Kendo UI Q3'12 RTM, due in mid November

Trust me, there is much more to see from Kendo UI down the road, and we are super thrilled to actively contribute to its evolution for the time to come - I hope that you, our loyal customers and future prospects, are as much enthralled as we are :) Until then enjoy the service pack bits, and happy coding!

Stefan Rahnev

About the author
Stefan Rahnev is the Unit Manager of the Kendo UI Telerik Division. He has been working for the company since 2005, when he started out as a regular support officer. His next steps at Telerik took him through the positions of Technical Support Director, co-team leader in one of the ASP.NET AJAX teams and unit manager of the ASP.NET AJAX and MVC divisions. Stefan’s main interests are web development, agile processes planning and management, client services and psychology.

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