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DevReach is Telerik's premier developer conference in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2017, it featured 30+ presentations delivered by 20 world-renowned speakers. These presentations were recorded and we're pleased to make them available online for everyone. The playlist for these videos is available on Youtube: DevReach Conference 2017.

Here's the recording of Chris Noring's presentation entitled, "Using Kendo UI with Angular":

About the Presentation

There are many alternatives to style your components today like Bootstrap, Angular Material even Ionic has its own style. Kendo UI components offer something more. It offers styling as well as functionality that will save you as a developer a lot of time. Working with them is even easier. Let’s showcase what these controls are and what functionality they have that could really impress your next customer.

About the Speaker

Chris is a Google Developer Expert and Telerik Developer Expert. He runs the London JavaScript meetup, is a public speaker and author of the book Rxjs Ultimate found under

Resources and Further Reading

About the Author

John Bristowe

John Bristowe is a member of the Developer Relations team at Progress. He specialises in web and mobile app development.

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