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    More Online Purchases in 2018: Is Your App Ready?

    More Online Purchases in 2018 Is Your App Ready_270x123
    Are your apps ready to grow in 2018? Check out the latest ecommerce trends and why developers should care.
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    In UX, Less Isn't Always More

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    A lot of amazing work is being done in the UX space by Luke Wroblewski and others. There is a plethora of great advice about solving UX problems by simplifying forms, even reducing the number of field...
    April 15, 2015
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    User Experience at telerik

    For the last half a year, we’ve been quietly revolutionizing software development here at telerik, trying to integrate a thought about the user on all stages of product development. While we really wanted to improve the User Experience, we were very careful not to go too far with needlessly expensive usability best-practices – we believe the smartest solutions are usually the simplest solutions, so we looked around for a way to measure usability that would not involve furnishing a state-of-the-art recording studio and flying users over continents. For a start, we thought we just needed to observe users interact with...
    January 29, 2007