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    Egoless coding

    Earlier today my colleague Rumen posted a link to this great blog post by J Atwood from Vertigo Software: http://blogs.vertigosoftware.com/jatwood/archive/2006/01/24/The_Ten_Commandments_of_Egoless_Programming.aspx. I thought I should share it with our community as the ego of people, and especially that of the most knowledgeable and top performing people, is THE biggest problem of any organization. It kills teamwork, it doesn't leave room for self-improvement and it blinds the people, making them unaware of the context in which they are working. That's actually one of the reasons why we have our own commandment - if you are working for telerik, you have to leave your ego outside of the office door....
    January 24, 2006
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    www.telerik.com now runs MondoSearch

    Over the last couple of years we've heard quite a few complaints that it's not easy to find your way around www.telerik.com and that information is scattered. I myself have been amazed how much content is there but nobody knows about it. Responding to the growing pressure from customers and our team we have been re-working our corporate site over the last few months. One part of our efforts was (and continues to be) to improve www.telerik.com structure and content. The other part of the solution was to add powerful search capabilities to our web property. Once there was a clear need for...
    January 10, 2006
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    Go for the Gold - telerik renews Gold Certified Partner status

    Today we finally renewed our Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner Program. It was a bigger pain to go through all the steps and complete all requirements than it was last year, but I am very happy that everything is all set again. Now that everything is official we will be able to put the following text on our site:"Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are the elite Microsoft Business Partners who earn the highest customer endorsement. They have the knowledge, skills, and commitment to help implement technology solutions that match your exact business needs." Impressive, huh?:) Don't worry, we won't put it on...
    January 04, 2006
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    To leak, or not to leak…(memory) - Part Two

    As I have mentioned earlier (see "To leak, or not to leak…(memory) – Part One") the closures are the most common reason for memory leaks in Internet Explorer. They are extremely good at forming circular references especially in the context of Host objects. The most common example is event handlers “owned” by a Native object which are attached to a specific event raised by a DOM element and hold a reference to that DOM object kept in the Native object. Example:DOMElement.Event ->  NativeObject.EventHandler -> current execution context scope -> NativeObject. DOMElementRefference -> DOMElement Very frequently websites and web applications with a rich UI include components which produce...
    December 29, 2005
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    To leak, or not to leak…(memory) - Part One

    As a newbie blogger perhaps I should have started with a brief info on who I am and should have continued with a post extending my best wishes for Xmas and Year 2006. Nonetheless, I thought it's a better idea to post some technical content that might be of use to our community. Perhaps the info will benefit some of you and will let you spend Xmas Eve with your family, rather than sit in the office trying to fix problems for which our team has found solutions. Ever been shocked with how much your memory usage grows on every refresh...
    December 21, 2005