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    5 years of Telerik, new office

    Carried away in working on all fronts, we completely forgot to organize a big bash for Telerik’s 5th birthday.  Time flies fast – I remember well how 5 years ago I was sitting with the other founders in a small room and we could never reach consensus what kind of music we should play (having a rule not to have a headset and be mindful about the other people’s preferences is a good team-building exercise). We had to settle for “just” a team-building event in the mountains and quietly celebrate our "Best Employer" award and our fifth anniversary but another development came...
    November 26, 2007
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    Telerik wins 2007 “Best Employer” award

    Last Friday was a very big day for Telerik, but as I was on the plane I couldn’t blog about it immediately. I am very excited to share that we received the 2007 award for best employer in the “Small and Medium Business” category in Bulgaria. The study is conducted by Hewitt Associates, the world's largest provider of multi-service HR business process outsourcing (BPO), and surveyed over 13,000 professionals from 70 of the leading companies and MNCs operating in Bulgaria. A few months ago, when we decided to participate, our goal was pretty simple – to see what are the problem areas...
    November 21, 2007
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    RadEditor for MOSS; Telerik RadControls for MOSS

    When we released the RadEditor Lite for MOSS a few months back, customers immediately contacted us and clearly stated that they need a rich-text editor that was not limited only to the features that are available in the Microsoft's default MOSS editor. People not only required a cross-browser editing experience but also demanded ALL the capabilities of RadEditor in MOSS. So, after a few months of preparations and development, I'm really excited to make a few announcements: 1. RadEditor for MOSS is finally here! You can find more information here: You can also find a comparison between the Lite and the...
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    Changes in licensing and pricing after Q1 2007

    With the pending release of the Telerik Reporting product (should go live by the end of March) and forthcoming price tag on the Windows Forms UI controls, many customers asked what do we plan to do with those two product lines and what existing customers will get. Some good news for existing customers – all Subscription holders WILL get updates for Windows Forms and Reporting AT NO COST till their subscription expires. That is, our system will assume that you have an all-inclusive license (that is, a license which includes ASP.NET and Windows Forms UI Controls and Reporting). Like every great deal,...
    March 06, 2007
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    Telerik moves to 3 releases per year

    Probably, most of you have already seen the update on our roadmap ( and have noticed that telerik will be changing the release schedule as of 2007 – we will have 3 releases of our UI suites for Windows Forms and ASP.NET per year instead of four. I thought it would be a good idea to share some further insights into why we took this decision and to make a point that sometimes "less is more". Perhaps the major reason for the change is the administrative overhead around releases. As you all know times around every launch are very hectic: all regression tests are running on...
    February 01, 2007